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Feb 25 2009
Yes, I want to migrate Twinkle to Qt4/KDE4. I cannot promise when this will be done. - Feb 25 2009
Yes, put this command "twinkle --call %N" in the phone script hook in the configuration settings of KAddressbook. Optionally you can add the "--immediate" flag (see twinkle --help) - Jul 01 2006
Thanks. I first have to externalize all texts before they can be translated. - Jul 01 2006
When you build Twinkle on a KDE machine, then the KAddressbook interface should be available (the address button next to dial) - Jul 01 2006
This is a bug in commoncpp2-1.3.26 I have been told that this will be solved with 1.4.0 For now, you should use an older version if you want to compile Twinkle. - May 02 2006
It seems the problem is with the commoncpp2 package. I don't know what exactly causes this problem. I still have commoncpp2-1.3.21 on my SuSE system. - Apr 30 2006 or have echo services. - Nov 24 2005
There might be many causes for this. You say you see that data is transmitted. I assume you see that Twinkle sends out RTP packets. If it does, you might want to check if the RTP packets really contain sound (ehtereal can convert an RTP stream into an audio file).
If the outgoing RTP stream is fine, then your friend would have to check if he really receives your RTP stream. If your friend is behind a NAT then that might cause problems. NAT are a pain for SIP based VoIP. If it is the NAT device causing the problems, you'd have to check things like STUN or try static NAT bindings in the NAT device (STUN is not a fool proof solution).

HTH - Nov 21 2005
I have them on my todo list. - Nov 19 2005
I understand your confusion. Twinkle displays the next hop for the REGISTER which indeed isn't truly the registrar.

I have registered multiple endpoints without problems. Twinkle does support multiple contacts. In your case however it seems Twinkle does not recognize the contact header for some reason. Maybe a bug in the parser or a syntax error in the contact header.

I don't know why Twinkle seems to loose a Route header. It shouldn't.

If you want, can you send a SIP trace for the multiple contacts and Record-Route case to my e-mail address? Then I can have a look at it and if there is a bug, I can fix it. - Aug 12 2005
The request-URI that Twinkle puts in the REGISTER is "sip:<domain>". This is the ultimate destination of the REGISTER. So it should be fine when Twinkle sends the REGISTER to the outbound proxy. The outbound proxy notices that the request-URI is not his address, and should forward the REGISTER based on the request-URI, i.e. resolve it to an IP address or use some iternal routing logic to find the next hop and then forward the REGISTER. This way your REGISTER will go via the outbound proxy to your registrar.

The registrar setting in the user profile is maybe a bit awkward. It allows you to send REGISTER messages to another host than your outbound proxy. I needed it once, but I don't think this will be a common situation. - Jul 27 2005
Leave the registrar field empty and the REGISTER will go to the outbound proxy. - Jul 27 2005