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Aug 03 2008
ok it's fixed for now... - Jul 12 2008
uhhh I totally forgot about that bug.. I will fix it as soon as is got some time...
For 0.5 I don't use the KDE Delegate(the part of the list which renders the items), I have written an own to have a better integration into the Plasmathemes but its not yet ready, that also concerns the shadow under text. and I am still not sure if I shall keep it...
There is a new function in Plasma that makes it possible to draw a shadowed text, that would improve the visibility of the text, but I have to wait for the RC1 and that opensuse has packages for it that I can test it....

thanks for the report... - Jul 12 2008
I think all three possibilities can be implemented, I am also thinking about dropping the flopscrollview and have an animation that works good with the listview and the icon view... Perhaps let the clicked folder grow and fade into the new folder...

The possibility to navigate can be implemented configurable, to be able to decide if you want to directly open a folder in dolphin/konqueror or enter the folder...

If you don't mind I would send you a first version when I have implemented it to get some feedback, it seems you have a better eye for that ;)

Mark - Jul 12 2008
ahhhh now I got what you meant :D
I was curious how you wanted to use only Icons...
Hmmm, it should be possible, but how would you make it possible to navigate through the folders especially how to go back into the parent folder or should a click only open the folder in dolphin/konqueror, without being able to navigate through the folders? - Jul 12 2008

how about a feature of sorting ? specially being able to sort it by date ?

sorting should be possible, I just have to look where to put the Button for that...


also , how about supporting more than one folder (the same plasmoid having more than one start icon)? if you use it on the panel, you can just use alot of quick access plasmoids, but if you use it on the desktop its very hard to keep alot of quick access plasmoids aligned.

I don't know if I should put effort in that because there where some plans to give plasma the feature to be able to align applets in a grid, beside that quickaccess is already very bloated ;) - Jul 12 2008
Nice to hear that you can use it :)

I have no svn account to move it into playground, and I am not somebody who can decide about that, but if the KDE developers want to have it in the kdeplasmoids module I would be the last who rejects it... - Jul 09 2008
I have planed to support this with the "applications:/" kio_slave but don't try it at the moment, it will crash QuickAccess(plasma)... I have to figure out why... Beside that the "applications:/" kio_slave doesn't work, at least for me there are categories but no entries for the apps... - Jul 05 2008
Yes, I have mentioned that too. I use the IconManager from Dolphin and only adjusted it for my needs, that means Dolphin acts the same way. But I have also thought about enabling previews only for images or make it configurable for what kind of file previews should be shown, because at some sizes there is no need to show a preview for a text file...
Anyway thanks for the report I had nearly forgotten it ;) - Jul 04 2008
Well, I have to thank you, that was a really good idea with the custom labels, and not really hard to implement.
And I am happy that I found a solution for the open button, as you know there is no real button in the plasmathemes, only the buttons in the shutdowndialog, but they didn't look very well as you may have seen in the previous versions...
And this solution seems to look well on the most themes I have tested...

Well any further ideas? - Jul 04 2008
Thanks for your comment, I am happy that other people can use this little applet too...
I am not sure if this applet should be included in kde cause I don't know if the quality of my code is high enough, I am still unhappy with some parts of it and will rewrite them, in the near future...
Anyway I am not the one to decide on this point... - Jul 02 2008
Sorry that it didn't work for your, but I will try to help you...

I hope you use some kde 4.1 beta packages else I don't know if this plasmoid will work for you because there have been some changes in Plasma since 4.0...

I got:
CMake Error: The source directory "/home/roberto/quickaccess/build" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.

It seems that you forgot to add ".."
so use
" cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib/kde4/ .."
in your build directory, or even better:
" cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` .."
if you don't know where kde is installed on your system...

I think you don't have KDE's cmake makros installed, your distribution should provide them. On openSUSE they are in the kdelibs-devel package, but I don't know how your distribution has packaged them...

You should need:

  • kdelibs

  • and the corresponding devel packages.
    Look for similar names cause I don't know how your distribution packaged them...
    btw, could you say what distribution you are using, perhaps someone else can help you better ;)

    I have tried to install others plasmoid and the result is the same.

    yes, every application developed for kde4 uses these kde cmake makros as far as I know...

    Anyway I think plasma developers should think an easy way to install plasmoid and plasma themes because actually is very difficult.

    As far as I have read they plan to use some kind of easy-to-install packages for plasma, but I think they won't work with c++ plasmoids cause they need to be compiled...
    You can only hope that your distribution packages them like buschmann32 did it for openSUSE...
    Sorry for my english, I'm still learning.

    For the most people here english is not the native language, there is no need to be sorry, and your english is good ;)

    Hope I could help you... - Jul 02 2008
    wow thanks, packages for the distribution of my choice.
    I have to say that I appreciate your work, I already used some of the packages you provided.
    Thanks for you work - Jul 02 2008
    me too ;) - Jul 01 2008
    btw I love your Glassified theme - Jun 29 2008
    First thanks for your comment,
    and suggestions are always welcome.
    Yes I agree I have to do something with the label(in fact it's a button...). What would you like to put in there, when I may ask?
    Thanks for the hint with the single/double click behavior, I tend to forget that some people use another setup than I's already changed. As soon as I got drag and drop support ready, I will release it - Jun 29 2008
    Thanks for your comment, it's always nice to read such comments and to know that actually someone can use it...

    The scrolling menu concept is not my work... I simply used Robert Knight's work from Kickoff to keep the look and feel consistent...

    The filtering function was already on may todo-list, but I thought I release it now else it would have taken till KDE5 ;)
    I have implemented the "show only dirs" function after I read your comment, that was, thanks to the powerful KDE-API, easy...
    I have to investigate a bit more to see if I can add this double-click feature... - Jun 28 2008
    Well in fact you can put the Folderviewapplet in a panel, you just have to make the panel big enough...
    I think it's confusing to have an applet that's behaving in two different ways only because you put it in two different places...
    And as soon as the panel got a hide feature I would use the Folderviewapplet in a panel, thats easier than minimizing all windows.... - Jun 28 2008

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    Jul 04 2008
    I switched the compositing type from "OpenGL" to "XRender" and the problem is gone...
    - Jul 07 2008
    could you drop me a message when you got a solution for this? I would be very interested ;) - Jul 03 2008
    Yes I have seen it :) good idea...
    But am I the only one who gets some crazy artifacts when I resize the dialog?
    I don't know if it's a problem of KWin, my nvidiadriver or what else, I have the same problems with the plasma dialog in my plasmoid.... - Jul 03 2008
    wow nice, just drop it on the previewer and you know what's in there... and the scaling function for images is also good..
    thanks - Jul 02 2008
    Weather Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Widgets 127 comments

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    Jul 10 2008
    well every body has to start somewhere;)
    The dataengine is only to fetch the data and hand it over to the applets..
    It seems there are two weather applets in kde's playground
    called weather and weather_station perhaps you can have a look how they used the weather-dataengine...
    The plasma-api is not very well documented yet but that may change...
    you can have a look here: - Jul 01 2008
    looks nice so far
    Just a hint: for the home path you can use the static function QDir::homePath()
    eg. home = QDir::homePath();
    And as far as I know there is already a weather-dataengine, perhaps it helps you..
    hope i could help you - Jul 01 2008