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K M , Finland
Gis Weather

Utilities 11 comments

Score 81.0%
Oct 04 2016
Please add support for weather service because its the only service that provides an accurate weather report for Scandinavia. - Oct 26 2015

GTK3 Themes 49 comments

Score 75.1%
Mar 04 2016
Hi.Found a little glitch when using this theme with Cinnamon and Linux Mint 17.2. In settings where there are checkboxes they are invisible until you check them. - Aug 25 2015
What a great theme this was,very crisp and clear.I'm using it on Linux Mint 17.2 and everything seems to be working very nicely indeed.I would like it very much if you could make a Cinnamon theme with the same ultra high quality as the rest of this theme.I haven't been a fan of flat themes before but i certainly am now!.I installed ultra-flat icons from NoobsLab and that also looked great but a few icons were missing like usb-formatter and usb-imagewriter icons and also in settings applets had the xfce mouse icon. - Aug 24 2015