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Ronald Morley

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by robby
Score 75.3%
Jan 29 2019
I've been using this program since Robby first came out with it under the name "Bookcase" - it originally was limited to tracking one's book collection. I've found it to be very useful and flexible. But, the thing that has impressed me the most about it is Robby's support. There have been several times over the years when I've had questions, compile problems, or suggestions concerning the program. In every instance Robby was quick to respond with anwswers, code patches, or whatever else was needed. If you're looking for a collection manager that runs under KDE this is THE PROGRAM for you.

Ron Morley - Oct 21 2006

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Score 80.0%
Jan 26 2011
This is a great IDE. I've used several IDEs over the years and KDevelop has, by far, the best feature set and usability that I've encountered. There are a lot of features here and it will take time to learn to use the program to best effect. There is the occassional bug, but the KDevelop community is very good about fixing them or providing work-arounds where possible. Keep up the good work. - Mar 06 2005