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Sep 05 2017
If you can;t seem to get it to work, you may have a similar problem to mine.
First, if you look in your "Playlist" folder, under your "VLC" folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist) and you see a bunch of ".LUAC" extensions/file-formats, try compiling the .LUA file to the .LUAC extionsion...

1.) Go to to use their online LUA to LUAC COMPILER
2.) BROWSE for the file, by clicking on the "Choose File" Button
3.) I left the "Anti-decompile" box CHECKED and the "Encryption" box UNCHECKED!
4.) Click "Submit" to Compile! (If for some reason you get an ERROR, just click the "Back" button in your browser and try again. I had that happen at least once or twice in the past)
5.) Lastly, place the file with the other LUAC files, under your "VLC/LUA/PLAYLIST" Directory!

I hope I could help a few others who may be having problems... Good Luck!!! - Jul 29 2014