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Lorenzo Lorenzini
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

Nautilus Scripts 379 comments

Rating: 7.0
Jan 05 2017
Simple, straightforward, quick and much needed!
Amazing job, my compliments and best of luck. - May 02 2009
area.o43 SVG Icon theme

Icon Themes 13 comments

by redde
Rating: 7.4
Apr 01 2009
That is great man,

Area42 is my favorite set of icons but there were still so many that were not working for me (e.g. the "show desktop" icon, it would use the horrible default one), now it's all there. Really nice, well done.

PS. Ho appena visto che come me sei di Firenze, ti faccio i complimenti ancora piĆ¹ volentieri! :) - Apr 11 2009
Rating: 7.0
May 02 2009
Rating: 7.4
Apr 11 2009