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Jan 30 2008
I didn't know SDL, it could be a good idea. I'll have a look, thanks for the suggestion.
Concerning the codec, I know that speex is not the best for sound quality but I'd prefer to continue to use Speex because it's totally open and free, and it's growing. - Jan 31 2008
Thank you for your suggestions. I found interesting DCOP and Zeroconf integration.
Instead I think that I won't add webcam support for the moment, maybe in the future.

Please contact me if you're interested in the port to Windows! - Nov 20 2007
Yes, QT are available on Windows. But IHU uses also the ALSA library, which doesn't exist on Windows (afaik). So you should adapt the audio code that use ALSA to use the audio driver of Windows. I'm not a Windows developer so I can't tell further more, but It shouldn't be a big deal anyway. - Nov 20 2007
Hi, unfortunately IHU binaries are available only for Linux at the moment. But it's possible to try IHU on Windows using the free VMWare Player. You can find the link to the HOWTO with the instrucions here:

HELP WANTED! If somebody would like to port IHU on Windows, any help is absolutely welcome! Please contact me. - Nov 19 2007
You need to install the soundtouch libraries ( I think you can find ready packages for your distribution, but you can also compile the sources. - May 03 2007
No, IHU works only for two computers. Maybe you can try some tricks to connect the 11 computers with IHU, for example using 11 instances of IHU and call each computer on each different one. But it's not so practical. - Feb 23 2007
Yes, IHU will work if only one computer is NATed, but the NATed computer will be able just to make calls, not to receive calls.
Unfortunately I don't have time to work on a Windows port now. Any help is welcome. - Dec 17 2006
The answer is no. At the moment IHU avoids the use of external servers, even if this reduces its usability.
Anyway in the future I may add STUN support as optional feature. - Nov 23 2006
Thank you! - Oct 26 2006
Raoul, thanks for your rapidity ;-) - Oct 23 2006
Sorry, I forgot one #include.
Please download again the ihu-0.5.5.tar.gz package and try again. - Oct 08 2006
Now try with this one:

I don't know what to say, IHU is indipendent from KDE, so RPM build shouldn't look for the man page in the kde directory... anyway try this last package, but it won't install any man page... - Dec 08 2005
Try to configure like this:

./configure --mandir=/opt/kde3/man/

(You already asked me for this problem, see old posts here) - Dec 08 2005
I think that this one will work:

I removed the speex subidrectory, now only the system shared library are used to compile with speex.

I think that for future version I'll remove all static library subdirs inside source package.

Please report me if works, thank you again - Dec 08 2005
Please try with this one:

Report me if it compiles ok, thanks - Dec 07 2005
A debian package will be released soon. The official mantainer is Andrea Capriotti and he is working to release a package for ihu 0.5.3. Thank you! - Nov 20 2005
This is strange. RPM Build shouldn't look in /opt/kde3/man for the man page, but in /usr/local/man (default)

Try to configure like this:

./configure --mandir=/opt/kde3/man/ - Nov 13 2005
At the moment Video chat is not in the aims of IHU project, even if it may become in the future.
However I think that IHU is not the best candidate to become compatible with other existing IM applications (Yahoo, MSN, etc.), because the main aim of IHU project is to create a clean application indipendent of third part servers. - Nov 12 2005
Thank you! I'll try to add the conference option in the next releases.
Regards - Oct 13 2005
No, at the moment IHU is works only on Linux, because it only supports the Linux ALSA and JACK sound driver.
For the future it's unlikely that I'm going to release a Windows version, sorry. - Oct 12 2005