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Mehrdad Momeny Mashhad, Iran
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by mtux
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Mar 04 2012
thanks dude - Dec 28 2008
MDic Dictionary

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by mtux
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Feb 12 2010
Now, you can use PyGlossary instead of MDicConv.
get it here: - Aug 11 2008
as you know, that part of code was written by another one! and i don't have any idea about it. :(
I think it's better to report it to main developer:
Raul Fernandes "rgfbr[AT]" - Jul 30 2008
sorry, this output doesn't help me! :(
please paste command line output! - Jul 30 2008
first extract .tar.gz file.
some of stardict dictionaries' .dict file compressed with dictzip tool, you'll have to decompress them before converting.
after install "dictzip" use:
$ dictunzip
$ dictzip -d
(two shape of app!)

function to embed this on MDicConv, will be added soon. - Jul 27 2008
MDic Dictionary

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by mtux
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Feb 12 2010
i think you use bgl2mdb converter, it's this script's problem.

to solve it, i develop mdicconv app(extends dictconv)
it supports other dictionaries too.

to convert dictionaries use it! (we want to notify about it on next release, because of a bug in current version, ignore Unicode characters -like Persian words- on searching!)

you can get latest project's snapshot from svn server, fixes sum bugs and added sum features like options to configure espeak and option to tune databases to increase Dictionary speed...

thanks for your comment - Apr 19 2008
you must download Dictionaries manually.

Babylon has sum free glossaries. use their.

we will release a tool to Convert Dictionaries from several formats to MDic format so soon!

about "wordpoint" and its way, i don't have any idea now, we will think about it... - Apr 14 2008

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Choqok in Summer

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