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Stef Adam , Belgium

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Mar 23 2019
Hey there

It happens with any file actually, not just a specific song. At first I though it might be cause of the file format (all my music is in .ogg, with a few exceptions) so I tried an mp3 file, with the same result. It happens with any song.

Which brought me to another issue ( sorry xD ). YaRock doesn't seem to add .m4a files to it's database. There are some music files I got from a friend which were ripped with iTunes. When I check the console output for errors when force rebuilding the collection I notice these errors

TagLib: MPEG::Header::parse() -- Invalid sample rate.
TagLib: MPEG::Properties::read() -- Page headers were invalid.

I see these among the other scan results (- DataBaseBuilder -> insert track : "/path/to/song") so I guess they're errors from the .m4a files. When dragging one of these files into the playlist, I get

PlaylistPopulator --> unsupported media ! "/path/to/file.m4a"

I use the GStreamer Phonon backend. Tried Xine and VLC aswell, but it didn't help.

By the way, I'd like to help translate YaRock into Dutch (since it's my native language). How should I do this? I found some language files in the source, but how should I prepare a Dutch file? - Nov 06 2011
Thanks for considering my input. I've discovered a small UI bug. When playing a track, the elapsed time and remaining time are not correct.
Elapsed time seems to based of a constant number, at the start of a track, it displays 21:57. The remaining time doesn't update while playing, and seems to be completely random.

I added a screen-shot to illustrate what I mean.
The song is at about 1/5 of playing time, but with a length of about 4 mins, it should inticate about 0:45. The other time indication doesn't update at all and changes every time, even when the same song is selected.

Sorry if I'm being picky, I really like YaRock and I just want to help making it as best as possible. I can't code well enough to help out source-wise, so this is all I can do for now. (Really need to get started learning QT...) - Nov 05 2011
Getting better and better, but there are some features missing in my opinion.

First would be support for Replaygain. I tag all my music with replaygain tags to ensure consistent volume over all tracks, Amarok for example supports this nicely. I'm not sure how they implement it, but I found a link which might be of help.

Secondly, support for media keys. I tried to map shortcuts to the media keys (with a modifier key [meta], this shouldn't be required for media keys), but they don't seem to work.

A third one would be commandline parameters like Amarok does, to stop, play pause, etc. (amarok --pause, amarok --stop, etc.). I use the IconTasks plasma widget, which supports Unity jumplists, and supporting parameters would be perfect to give a better integration. (But this would require only one instance of YaRock can be running at a time, it's possible to open more than 1 currently)

Anyway, looking forward to next releases - Nov 02 2011
Generic Animations (BeGeneric ;-)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 117 comments

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Jan 30 2012
Found something. When trying to set an effect for dropdown menus, It seems impossible to affect the dropdown only. They seem to be influenced by the type 'Normal', which affects regular windows.
No idea though if it is a bug in Kwin, Oxygen or GenericAnimations.

Also, the scale effect should be able to go past 1,00. (What I'm trying to do is when showing a tooltip, it should zoom out from about 1,05 to 1,00) - Oct 03 2011
Awesome stuff! This can replace quite alot of effects when configured correctly, plus the ability to create a slew of other new effects. Promising project.

Gonna test it thoroughly, so I'll submit a report when I encounter a bug. - Oct 02 2011