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Navneeth Chandrasekaran

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Sep 05 2017
I think I've been using this icon set for the past three or four versions. And during this time, the Recent Documents docklet in Docky has retained the Human icon, while I see the Faenza icon if I go to Places in panel menu bar. - Sep 16 2010
Oh, BTW, I don't notice any difference in Google Chrome's icon. Does it make any difference that I have installed the developer version? - Aug 11 2010
That worked. Thanks. - Aug 11 2010
I switched to the PPA from the normal install, and I notice that the distributor logo has changed from Ubuntu to Gnome. What should I do to switch it back to the way it was?

Ubuntu 10.04 - Aug 11 2010
The Greyhound Theme

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Jan 10 2009
No idea what when wrong or how the error got corrected. But the error message with the earlier version read something like "Cannot write directory over directory". (Preferences->Appearance->Install->selected tar.bz2 file.) - Jan 05 2009
0.7, sorry. - Jan 04 2009
Hi. I am using murrine-engine v 6.0; at least, that's what Synaptic tells me. Anyway, the happy news is I was able to install v 7 of your theme. - Jan 04 2009
I had been using the previous version. When I downloaded 0.6.2, it was a tar.bz2 file, which displays error messages when I try to install it from the Appearance dialog. - Jan 03 2009

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Dec 25 2008
The Cloudy icon shows the Sun even at night. That seems weird.

Could you please change it to something more suitable? Thanks. - Oct 22 2008
I agree. The Firefox icon doesn't fit in with the blue-grey theme of the folders on the desktop. And why is it a bird now?

- Sep 21 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

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May 30 2008
You know, these days, most of the time at least, whenever I a see a theme on the main page and am compelled to go to theme's own page, it inevitably turns out to be a theme based on NoName/Slickness or, as in this case, a new theme from TheRob himself! :D

Looks nice. I'll be waiting for the initial release. - May 07 2008

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Nov 26 2008
Just got to know about your theme being selected. Congratulations, Rob! Keep up the wonderful work. - Mar 30 2008
Thanks a bunch! :) - Feb 14 2008
What's that font you're using? Looks great.

Oh, and I too have been using your themes ever since it came out, along with the B/W icons. :) - Feb 14 2008
I don't know, maybe you need to install the pixbuf engine (I think it's pixbuf2-engine...better check synaptic or whichever package manager.) I say this because the "separators" in the panel appear like those dotted lines if pixbug isn't installed. - Jan 04 2008
Good work, yet again, TheRob. :)

Something I noticed: Some of the menus appear compacted, i.e., the spacing between menu items are smaller in some of the menus (Places and the System->Administration, for example), although the font-size seems normal. I don't mind either size, but I would prefer one uniform spacing. - Dec 25 2007

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Dec 13 2007
made the panel buttons spacing smaller as suggested :)

Nice. Thank you. :) - Dec 14 2007
I've just installed it, and it looks to be a good dark theme. However, I feel that the gap between the windows' buttons in the windows list takes up too much space. It could be made smaller. - Dec 12 2007
Murrina Inspirat

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Dec 10 2007
What (gtk?)engines does this theme need? The panels don't appear as in the screenshot.

FYI, I have pixbuf installed.

Thanks - Dec 10 2007
Gloss Black

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Dec 12 2007
Hmm...I just changed Firefox's theme from the default to Aquatint Black Gloss. Now the drop-down boxes seems alright - they have a white background in which I can clearly see the black text. - Dec 05 2007
The drop-down lists that appear in, say the Firefox search bar, appear black (or dark at the least). As a result, it is very difficult to read the text. - Dec 05 2007
Blended Crystal

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Nov 27 2007
Thanks for the fix. - Nov 27 2007
Let me first tell you that this is a favourite icon theme of mine and it is what I've been using for many weeks (could be months) now. And I also like what you've done with version 2.

I just noticed that the emblem for Python is actually a cobra with a raised hood. I would prefer if it were another cute critter from the pythonidae family, like the one on the icon of python(.py) files. :-) [/nitpick]

Keep up the good work. - Nov 24 2007
I could download it with Opera. :) - Jul 22 2007
I am currently using the previous version of this theme. When I click on 'download', it takes me to, where it says it is an invalid session and provides me a link to try the download one more time. But when I do that, I download some HTML file of a few KB rather than the compressed (3.6MB) version.

Just so that it may have something to do with JavaScript, I turned off NoScript for the site, but even then it doesn't work.

Having said all that, I must say that it is a very good theme. Although based on Crystal, it is not quite KDEish - which is good for GNOMEr like me. :D - Jul 21 2007

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by wulax
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Sep 25 2008
I have just installed this theme, and getting used to all the darkness. One thing I noticed immediately was that the rectangle for Maximise and Minimise button are more or less the same size. At least, I'm not able to tell the difference. It would be nice if the Maximise button had a bigger box.

- Sep 24 2007
Nameless Icons

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Jul 31 2010
but will this make it to the final release, without too many previews and a beta? ;-) - May 25 2007

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Apr 08 2007
My window border (metacity?) looks a dull grey. How do I get the black border, as in the screenshot?

Nice theme. - Apr 06 2007

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Mar 26 2007
Please release the Polar icons, and then go on a preview drive! :D

- Mar 27 2007
Nocturn Theme

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Mar 01 2007
I'm not able to change the window border to nocturn.

Theme->Control->Install[Nocturn] I see it on this list. Panels have been themed.

Theme->Window Border->Install[Nocturn] I don't see it on this list. It's still the previous window border.

- Feb 22 2007

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by ertz
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May 26 2008
Very nice indeed. I,too,would like to see larger icons, and also, I'd prefer a smaller and thinner base for the trash can. But,hey,that's just me! :) - Feb 17 2007
Polar Icons - Beta 1

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Oct 08 2008
Thanks for the font. Looks great!

Btw, I know this is a preview of your icon set, but can we install it, or just take a better look at those svg's? Because I try to install them, and I get message saying something like it's an invalid file type. - Feb 06 2007
Could you point me to a reliable place to download it from?

Thanks - Feb 05 2007
What is the font that you are using in those images? - Feb 04 2007
I wish the Amarok wolf had a slightly "thicker" lower jaw. :D It's quite thin, and a bit closer to the upper jaw compared to the original.

And, yes, I want the icons out ASAP. :D - Dec 31 2006
MorningGlory Mod

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Feb 02 2007
I just realised that I could see other windows behind the terminal in the screenshot. So I guess I would need Beryl or something to get those window borders. - Jan 29 2007
How do I get the Vista-like translucent window borders?

By default Resilience was selected after I installed this theme.

- Jan 29 2007

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 20 2008
The downloadable version is as small as the preview. - Jan 05 2007
LiNsta 3 (Linux is Not Vista)

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Aug 23 2006
the above tip is only for fixing the font colour in Firefox menubar. I'm not sure about other issues, and would like set things right in OO menubar. - Dec 19 2006
Go to your userChrome.css file. If you're using Ubuntu like me, then it can be found under

(the profile name will usually be a set of random alphanumeric characters followed by a dot and the profile's name e.g 5er73i4.default)

If it's not there, then create the file userChrome.css (note the capital C)

Paste the following piece of code in the file, save it and restart Firefox:

menubar > * { color: rgb(0,0,0) !important; }

#file-menu, #edit-menu, #view-menu, #go-menu, #history-menu, #bookmarks-menu, #tools-menu, #helpMenu { color: rgb(255,255,255) !important; }

This worked for me.

- Dec 19 2006

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Dec 02 2006
I think Open Office also requires a fix like Firefox. - Dec 10 2006
Got the theme to work after a restart! - Dec 04 2006
Pixbuf has been installed, and I selected your theme from the Theme Manager, but still it is the same. Do I need to restart or something? Thanks. - Dec 03 2006
Nice theme!

I installed Pixmap engine but still not able to see the metallic shade of the "Start Menu" or black menubar in windows.

- Dec 02 2006

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by gyg
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Nov 25 2006
My first post at This is a great theme. I installed it via the theme manager but I couldn't get the background for the panel. Any help would be appreciated in getting that.

Btw, I don't think I have the murrina engine installed.

Thanks. - Dec 02 2006