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Sep 16 2019
ohhhh...tks.much better tested on FF developper edition so will be ok on the others too. tks a lot. - Feb 13 2019
can't insert any screeshot here Vinceliuice..... an easy way to do it? tks
- Feb 12 2019
difficult because i can't screeshoot the pb. i can only read what's typed or written when highlight the things I 've written with the pouse. have a try with gnome arch and firefox (any version) go where there's a dropdown menu you can't see what's inside
- Feb 11 2019
Hello.neice work. I want to report a light but annoying problem with your theme on firefox . some fonts don't appear correctly (probably in grey ?) and are make the thing unreadable. (gnome arch). I checked with other themes and the problem don't appear. Can you have a look? tks in advance - Feb 08 2019