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Jul 22 2018
Hey, sorry I took so long to get back.

1. The Wallpaper is part of the Gnome 2.28 desktop (gnome-backgrounds). It's called flow.

2. To change the panel text color, you'll need to user gnome-color-chooser... or you can edit the gtkrc by finding the Panel entry and changing the FG colors... but you may have to do that in a couple different parts of the gtkrc. I'd recommend gnome-color-chooser.

3. Thanks for offering to try out different versions, but I tried to play around with it, and it didn't turn out right, so don't worry about it! Thanks though.

- Darin - Oct 17 2010
You can do this in the gtkrc by changing the fg colors under style "panel".

Another (I think easier) solution is to use gnome-color-chooser. It lets you change all kinds of colors... it's good if you're going for a dark panel. It let's you revert all changes very easily as well. It's a pretty cool program.

- Darin - Aug 30 2010
Hey, while I was playing around with this, I realized you can change the padding of the toolbar. In the gtkrc, just do a search for:


And change that value. 0 means no padding. Also, if you want to save more space, right under that, you will find the style:

style "toolbarbutton-prelight"


This will change the padding of the buttons. {x,x,x,x} - the last two digits will change the padding above and below, the first two will change padding to the left and right.

Anyway, let me know if this helps, and if this is what you were looking for!

- Darin - Aug 15 2010
This should look a little better now, but still a little odd. I'll take this out within the next release or two (Probably when the next Ubuntu with the new Gnome comes out). Transmission won't need it anymore.

One way around this, and the reason I had to make it such a broad style for Transmission, is to make sure your apps have specific widget names.

Transmission doesn't, so to apply the property to Transmission also means it will be applied to anything else that leaves its widget unnamed.

For example, the main window of Nautilus has the widget name Nautilus, ensuring that only widget styles with the Nautilus prefix will be applied to it, and to nothing else.

I've had the most problems doing this theming thing with programs that leave their widgets unnamed. One, because of the problem above... and two, because when the program is updated, if any other widget is added in the way of the named widget, it will break the theming.

In Nautilus, even if the sidebar changes, and adds a vbox or anything, it doesn't matter, because it can still be named NautilusSidePane.

I hope all this makes sense, and is correct. Maybe it's a misunderstanding on my part, because I'm new to all this. But a lot time on this theme has been spent fixing updates to programs who either always change the widget names, or leave them unnamed - requiring each release with something added to be rethemed. This then may break another app themed because it becomes a very broad style.

Cardapio was similar to this, but fortunately tvst was kind enough to fix a Glade problem, so now Cardapio theming is easy and consistent.

Well, just thought I'd give an update. Should be better in this release, and I'll probably take it out in a future release. But it would be nice if anyone working on an application reading this could create specific names for their widgets.

Anyway, thanks again, and hope you still enjoy the updates.

- Darin - Aug 15 2010
Hey, thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate that.

I'll turn it back down as default if I hear more people chime in, but for now I may keep it about that bright.

You can turn it down in the gtkrc file (/home/yourname/.themes/Victory/gtk-2.0/gtkrc) by finding this line:

style "toolbarbutton-prelight"

And under that, changing

bg[PRELIGHT] = shade (1.06, @bg_color)

to any lower number (1.03, etc)


As for your other comment, you put progressbar... were you talking about the glow behind the toolbar buttons? I wasn't sure - the progress bar is square... the light behind the toolbar buttons I think is the only thing that isn't.

If so, you're right... there is kind of a disconnect with circular glow when the rest of the theme is more square. It's not really achieving the effect I wasnted in the first place either, so I'll think about reworking that. I might message you later if you want to help try it out and see what you think.


Anyway, thanks for the ideas and kind words. Let me know if you have any others or have any problems or anything.

Thanks again.

- Darin - Aug 15 2010
Great! Glad it worked. Feel free to post any other questions or problems or anything.

Thanks again!

- Darin - Aug 03 2010
I'm sorry, I'm not sure what it could be. Maybe if you list your specs/distro/etc, someone reading might have an idea.

Sorry I can't think of anything it could be!

- Darin - Aug 03 2010
Thanks, I really appreciate it!

I'll send you a PM about the buttons.

Thanks again.

- Darin - Aug 03 2010
That line was meant to change the direction of the sort arrows in list view, but almost everything I use simply ignores it with that error. That line is safe to delete, and I'll probably take it out for the next update.

I don't think the second error is theme related. I tried it using several different themes, including the default, and it still happens.

Thanks for testing all this out! I miss a lot of problems myself, so it's good if others can help out. Let me know if you find any errors or have any problems in the future!

- Darin - Aug 03 2010
Thanks! Glad you like it.

Nothing is wrong - that is the way it's supposed to look. I didn't mean for the pictures to be misleading... if you go to the DeviantArt page or the other Victory theme page, linked under More Screenshots, it will show that border.

One of the reasons I made this theme is so that people could pick their own window border, so the pictures were meant to reflect that idea, and to show the theme in different colors with different borders.

The colors and border can be changed through Appearance Preferences (Preferences > Appearance > Theme > Customize). If you change the window border, you will probably need to change the 'tooltip color' under Colors (this controls the menubar color as well).

I can't remember all the borders in the pictures off the top of my head - but if you either check the archive that you download from here, or check your themes directory (/home/yourname/.themes/Victory) you will find an Options folder. In that folder is a text file where I list all the icons, borders, etc I've used in screenshots.

Anyway, hope this helps! Sorry for the confusion. Let me know if you have any other questions or anything and thanks again!

- Darin - Aug 03 2010
Thanks a lot for the compliments. Glad you like the boxes, and the new scrollbars!

I had never really thought about the close button on the tabs. Yours looks really nice. I'll have to play around with this some in the future.

Thanks again for the idea, and feedback!

- Darin - Jul 28 2010
Thanks very much for the compliments! I'm glad you like it so much. Also, thanks for the pictures.

I've actually been trying to reduce the menu sizes, as a lot of people have said they were to big. I kind of like them bigger myself.

You may have to change the menu sizes for yourself. Try this.

Go to /home/yourname/Victory (or Victory Elementary)/gtk-2.0

Open/Display the gtkrc file with gedit

Find the line
style "menu-item"

And under that, you can change the ythickness to any number. Higher number means more spacing.

I tried this, and it changes the menu size on both the menus and the gnome menubar in the panel. So I'm not sure if this will fix the problem completely.

I'm not sure how to adjust them separately right off. Let me know if that helps at all. If not, I'll try to figure something else out.

Thanks again, and let me know how that works or if you have any other problems or anything.

- Darin - Jul 28 2010
This was a Mozilla bug, but they've fixed it in the latest releases.

For Firefox, you'll have to upgrade to 3.6 or above, and Thunderbird needs 3.1 or above.

If you use Ubuntu, you can find both here at the official PPA:

The Thunderbird in that PPA is a bit old. Here's a deb for 3.1 final from the Webup8 site:

Or if you would feel better downloading it from the official website, it's on there as an archive:

Glad you like it, and let me know if you have any other questions or problems, or need more help with this!

- Darin - Jul 28 2010
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate that!

I like your customizations. The icon theme is cool... I wouldn't have thought of doing that. I'm using it now, but with the elementary icons + moblin.

As for the expanders, I never really liked the +/- or the box. To me + means add and - means remove. I'm not sure that a triangle is a good indicator of 'more' either... but I like it better. The elementary icon theme also uses + and - icons in places I don't think make sense either. I think they use them as Ok and Cancel, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

I noticed murrine now defaults to triangle expanders in the newest version. So while trying that out, realized they added (or maybe they were there before and I never noticed) +/- expanders in solid circles. I actually really like the look of this, and might think about using them in the future.

For the tooltip... I'm not sure if I should fix that to a certain set of colors or not. I like the idea of it changing based on the user chosen colors, but sometimes it is hard to see if you choose a certain combination. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for the compliments and everything, I'm glad you like it!

- Darin

- Jul 28 2010
I'm playing around with a slim version - try giving that a look if you haven't already.

I'm using Nautilus elementary right now, and the only way I could reduce the size of the breadcrumb bar was to reduce the icon size, and the text size. I'm not sure if this would work in normal nautilus. I changed the size of the Places title, and that didn't make a difference in the size of the toolbar.

But changing the icons and text sizes only reduces it by a few pixels anyway. I can't control the size of the toolbars - they often have a defined size or set padding between the bars and text/icons.

Try looking at the Small theme, though, and let me know on that page what you like or don't like about it. It's kind of an experiment right now, so I'm up for ideas on that one for sure.

- Darin - Jul 25 2010
Hey, I just took a look at it real quick. Try this... find that line:
style "tabs" = "wider"

And under that, you will see where it says engine "murrine". Between the two brackets, where the gradient_shades line is, add this line:
contrast = 1.0

See if that helps any. A higher number (1.4, etc) will make it darker... a lower number (0.5) will make it lighter.

I wish I could find a way to have that border only on inactive tabs.

Anyway, hope that helps.

- Darin - Jul 25 2010
I see what you mean about the tab border... I've thought the same thing. Last time I tried to give the inactive tabs a border, it makes the entire border around the active tab and content really dark and it's kind of ugly. I'll try to look at it again, though.

gnome-color-chooser will override theme defaults, but it doesn't alter the theme file itself. It puts a second gtkrc file in your home directory, and gnome takes preference to elements in that file over a theme file. gnome-color-chooser has a revert button that will undo all the changes, or you could just delete the gtkrc file in the home directory.

So many people love the dark panels... you would think the gnome people would make it easier. The panel properties lets you set the background... but not the text. I don't get it.

Anyway, thanks again for your thoughts. If you ever have any other ideas or questions or whatever, feel free.

- Darin - Jul 25 2010
Oh, ok - I see what you mean now. Glad you like the arrows, anyway!

I'm not sure what I could do. I don't think boxes would look very good with this border. I really only meant for this border to be a temporary place holder... I thought everyone would pick a different border, haha.

Right now I'm playing around with chaning the window border a little anyway. I'm not sure if it will make this any better, but I'll try and keep it in mind.

Thanks again for the idea. Feel free to let me know if you think of anything else.

- Darin - Jul 24 2010
Thanks a lot man, glad you like them! I like your desktop a lot - it's really nice! Plus I'm glad you've changed the theme up.

I've actually tried to get rid of the scrollbar line. I can't get it to completely disappear, though. I'll see if I can find some way next time.

In that first screenshot, if you switch from the regular Victory theme to Victory Elementary, the top line will be thinner, and the bottom line will go away.

- Darin - Jul 16 2010
Thanks a lot!

Did you mean the whole theme dark, or with a dark panel? A lot of people asked for a dark panel, so I was using the small theme just to try it out for now.

1. If you want a dark panel with the regular Victory theme, you can go to your panel properties and under 'Background' set it to any color you want - then use gnome-color-chooser to select the font color to a brighter color.

If you use Ubuntu, gnome-color-chooser is in the repositories, or you can check the website:

2. Yeah... I changed the tabs in this release so they might be easier to see when people used dark colors... but I don't think it helps much, plus they are harder to distinguish at brighter colors. If you go to /home/yourname/.themes/Victory - find the gtkrc file, open it in gedit, find the line:

style "tabs" = "wider"

Under that, you will see bg[ACTIVE] - this controls the color of inactive tabs. Before I had it set to:

bg[ACTIVE] = shade (0.9, @bg_color)

Try using that - 0.8 is darker, 0.7 is even darker, etc.

Try that out, and see if 0.9 is better - or if you find something you like more, let me know. I'll have to change this back in the next release.

Thanks again!

- Darin - Jul 16 2010
Those are moblin icons. If you use Ubuntu, they are in the repository - they're called moblin-icon-theme... or in software-center just search for moblin icons.

If you use another distro, I'm not sure if they're in the repositories. I found this set on Deviant Art... it's not exactly the same, but close.

- Darin - Jul 16 2010
Those are moblin icons. If you use Ubuntu, they are in the repository - they're called moblin-icon-theme... or in software-center just search for moblin icons.

If you use another distro, I'm not sure if they're in the repositories. I found this set on Deviant Art... it's not exactly the same, but close.

- Darin - Jul 16 2010
Thanks for compliment and idea.

Just to see if I understand right, do you mean you like the - + X better than the up and down arrows?

- Darin - Jul 16 2010
Yeah, that's the way it was meant to look... but it was really only meant for Transmission where it was more apparent. I've changed it on the one I'm working on so it is more clear, but I still don't like that it effects other applications. I'll probably take it out soon. It is distracting in practically all other cases. Especially when next to other buttons.

- Darin
- Jul 09 2010
On the last update, I had added something to theme the toggle buttons for Transmission, and accidentally set it wrong - it looked just like that. The next day or so, I reuploaded a new version to fix it.

The example you sent (thanks!) doesn't give me any problems in the current version.

Sometimes if you install a new release through Appearance Preferences, it still leaves an old version in the themes folder, and may use that.

See if completely deleting the Victory folders from your /home/yourname/.themes folder, and then redownloading the new one fixes this.

Let me know if that helps at all. It's the only thing I can find right now that would cause that. I'll keep looking, though.

Thanks a lot for helping find the bugs and problems, I really appreciate it. And for sending the example!

- Darin - Jul 07 2010
Someone also asked about that border earlier, so I'll use that answer here! It's from the Ambiance Drakfire Mod on Gnome-Look:

But it looks like that one was from this Fresh Dark Gnome theme on DeviantArt:

Which itself was from K03 theme?

The Drakfire mod one matches best, and is the one I used in the picture. The K03 theme I think includes a borderless version, which is cool too. It's a really nice border.

- Darin - Jul 07 2010
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not sure what you mean by the logo.

But I've changed the minimize, maximize, and close buttons for the next one. All the buttons should default to the right.

I was trying to find a way to have them default to either what the previous selected theme used (but I couldn't do this, and make them show up in the Appearance Properties at the same time) - or, if the user had changed their gconf settings, let it keep that.

I don't know how to do either of those, though... so if there is a way, someone let me know!

Honestly, I'd like to see this setting somewhere in the appearance properties. Under Appearance > Properties > Window Manager you should be able to pick a window border, and set the layout. And no theme should override the users settings - only suggest a change.

- Darin - Jul 07 2010
Hey, thanks!

Someone (tseligkas) on the first page of the comments also asked about the Thunderbird menu. It's a Mozilla bug (Firefox also used to have this problem), but they've fixed it for Thunderbird 3.1.

WebUpd8 posted a DEB for it on their site:

Or if you would feel better downloading it from the official website, it's on there as an archive:

Sorry about the problem, but hope this helps. Let me know if it does, and let me know if you have any other problems, questions, ideas, or whatever.

Thanks again!

- Darin - Jul 02 2010
Thanks, I really appreciate it. I hadn't used Panflute that much myself, but it is pretty nice.

Anyway, glad you still like it. Keep me updated if you want with any problems/ideas or whatever comes with newer versions.

- Darin - Jun 30 2010
Thanks a lot!

- Darin - Jun 30 2010

Someone also asked about that border earlier on OMGUbuntu, so I'll use that answer here! It's from the Ambiance Drakfire Mod on Gnome-Look:

But it looks like that one was from this Fresh Dark Gnome theme on DeviantArt:

Which itself was from K03 theme?

The Drakfire mod one matches best, and is the one I used in the picture. The K03 theme I think includes a borderless version, which is cool too. It's a really nice border.

- Darin - Jun 30 2010
Thanks! Glad you like it!

- Darin - Jun 30 2010
I'm sorry, I'm not sure why it's doing that. I haven't had that problem using Compiz or Metacity or anything.

Sorry I can't be of more help right now - I'm not sure why that would happen. Maybe if you list some specs (murrine version, distro, graphics, etc), someone else may have a similar issue or a solution.

- Darin - Jun 27 2010
Yeah, the elementary scrollbars are real nice. I responded to tyler about them, so I won't post much twice.

But I don't plan on using them, sorry. I like them on that theme... but I want to try to keep this one different - I know it needs work!

Anyway, thanks for the comment, though. If you have any more suggestions or anything, let me know.

- Darin - Jun 26 2010
Thanks man.

I don't have plans to use the elementary scrollbars, as nice as they are. I do like them - they fit that theme well. But I have been trying to move away from pixmap elements. This theme started off with several pixmap elements, and I've tried to eliminate all of them.*

The reason being that pixmap elements are fixed in color... and I'm really trying to make this theme to fit with any color. It was one of the reasons I started this.

I could emulate them without using pixmap... but I don't think they would look as nice.

Plus, I would rather not copy. I like that theme, and I like to see the originality that a lot of themes like it bring. I would feel disrespectful taking that.

Maybe it'll end up inspiring a new scrollbar for this theme, but no plans now, and none to actually use the elementary ones. Sorry.

One day I think I might do a more fixed theme with pixmap and stuff. It definitely allows for more flexibility for the author, but usually not much for the user. I wish you could combine engines, and overlay an engine with pixmap.

Anyway, thanks again. If you have any other ideas or anything, please ask. I always appreciate your comments.

- Darin

* For anyone interested... the original scrollbars in this theme were pixmap, and are still included in the download. In the Options folder is a gtkrc-old file. If you put that in place of the actual gtkrc, it will give you an idea of what the scrollbars were like. That file is kind of a mashup of the original version and one from a month or so ago. - Jun 26 2010

The theme suggests elementary-monochrome:

In the pictures, I use the elementary icons, Moblin icons, and nuoveXT 2 icons.

For the font, I'm not using anything other than the default on Ubuntu - Sans.

Glad you like the theme - let me know if you need anything else!

- Darin - Jun 26 2010
Hey, thanks a lot for the ideas.


1. For OpenOffice:

Do you mean it doesn't start at all, or the scrollbars don't work? If you mean it doesn't start... I'm not sure why that would be. You would have to list the terminal output or something here. I'm not sure that I would be much help.

If you mean the scrollbars, there is a fix for it in the description above. That's the best I can do for now. I'm working on it, though.

2. The Panels:

A lot of people have asked for Light and Dark panel versions. I might do something about it in the future, but not right now. The best I can do is point people to Gnome Color Chooser.

With this, you can make any theme with a dark panel.

3. The Buttons

I'm not sure why I left the buttons as they are. I hate when themes take over your buttons! So for the next update, this will change back to 3 buttons on one side!

4. Tooltip

I tried this before, and didn't really like it. It made the text hard to see. If you want to try it, you can open the gtkrc file and change this line (line 14):

GtkWidget ::new-tooltip-style = 0

Change the 0 to 1, and reapply the theme. I might play around more with this in the future, though.


Anyway, I'm glad you like it, and I appreciate the ideas - they're all good. Thanks for taking the time to sign up and comment! I really appreciate it. I'm glad you like the Desktop icons, too. I wasn't sure if people would like those, and almost turned that off.

Thanks again, and hopefully I can keep making it better, and maybe a lot of these things will help.

- Darin - Jun 26 2010
Hey, your English is fine!

But sorry, I don't get that problem with the icons. I'm not sure why it is doing that. Mine look like this:

Does it only happen with this theme - or with others?

- Darin - Jun 26 2010
Thanks! Glad you like it. Also glad you got the OpenOffice thing working.

For the Menu Item spacing, open the gtkrc and find the line:

style "menu-item"

ythickness = 6 - This is what changes the spacing between menu items. It may also change the menubar padding. If you don't like that, you can add a ythickness line under style "menubar"

Anyway, hope this helps. Let me know if it works!

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Well... still no dark panel version or grips for now - sorry.

But Panflute should be all fixed in this version. Let me know!

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Sorry DerDot... I can't get the same error any way I try.

Maybe if you post more info like murrine engine version, gnome version, distro, error line, etc... maybe someone else had a similar problem and could help.

I know you already solved it by changing those lines... but they shouldn't be a problem.

Try the new release of the theme. I doubt it will change anything... but it's worth a try I guess.

Sorry I can't do more! Maybe we can figure out what's behind it though.

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Thanks, I appreciate it.

It is a little bright. It was originally a little darker... but I tried it on a few different monitors, and it seemed more dull/dark on the others than it did mine... so I made it brighter. I just figure, better bright than dull... and it's easily changeable, I guess.

Anyway, thanks again. And I hope you got the breadcrumbs working for your theme - I sent you a message. I remember having that problem, but don't know how I fixed it, and I wouldn't be able to remember without seeing the gtkrc.

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Yeah, I'd thought about that before. I actually only meant for that border to be a placeholder until people found a nicer window border, ha.

Anyway, I changed it a little for this update. Let me know if that's enough or if it needs more.

Thanks for the advice - let me know if you have any more.

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Thank you!

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Glad you got it half way working at least! I'm not sure why you can't grab them, though. I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and it seems to work for me - but maybe someone else had the same problem as you and could help? Any extra info... What version of OpenOffice are you using, and dist of Linux, etc?

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Like a netbook edition? I actually wouldn't mind doing this.

Sometimes this theme is tough to keep updated as it is - Also the fact that I'm trying to do a version for regular Nautilus and Nautilus Elementary right now...

I might try and play around with this and the dark panel idea in the future.

Do you have any suggestions on what aspects to change/make smaller? That would help. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it.

- Darin - Jun 21 2010

- Darin - Jun 21 2010
Thanks! Glad you liked it.

I'm not sure about the error though . Can you give me an example of something I could start in the terminal to show that? I don't get it when starting totem or nautilus in treeview.

Thanks for the help.

- Darin - Jun 01 2010
I don't think you can delete, haha.

Sorry, I should make it more clear in the description. After you install the theme it will be in:


So, in your themes folder, then in the Victory or Victory Elementary folder.

Let me know if this helps or if you need anything else.

- Darin - May 25 2010
Monoblin themes

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Aug 01 2010
This is probably a Mozilla bug - not a theme bug. They've fixed it in Thunderbird 3.1. Firefox 3.5 also had the same problem. Upgrading should fix the problem.

Hope this helps.

- Darin - Aug 03 2010

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