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by Aetf
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Dec 15 2018
Hm, in all this thread i can reply to only own messages :/ - Feb 01 2018
Aetf: I just retried, with same version. And yes, context menu has "Extensions" submenu. And now it works. I don't know, why it did not.

Can't reply to your message, so wrote in new thread. - Feb 01 2018
kde 5.11.1, calculate linux (still have to upgrade) - Jan 31 2018
Hello. Would be great addon, but by some reason it doesn't work. After it is installed, i ensured, that proper kwin script is enabled. Though i doubt, that script is only reason, because all kde-store dialogs on my pc with kde began to show correct installed state and installation progress, since some version. - Jan 31 2018

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May 03 2016
looks like i missed discussion :) - Jan 26 2018
Good to find any graphical tool, dedicated to tag generation, instead of passive search. What about rgain support? Though mp3gain continues ), to do releases (latest 1.6.1), by some reason it is removed from ubuntu repos. Though i'm not even deb user, might be good to consider this, may be doing rgain as alternative backend. - Jan 26 2018