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Night Nord Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
E Animated Backgrounds
E17 Black Wallpaper (from Black Init)

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Apr 02 2008
Sorry, for delay, I forgot to subscribe for sending replies on e-mail.

Ok, I will try this, also ESmart argues that wallpaper has no background, so fake "transparensy" is imposiblle.

Also, maybe, if I have enough time (not really sure =)) I will try to reduce CPU using by moving static logo part to the static background and changing only light-mask.

Yeah, another thing - you want to complete remove white round? Or just it's border? - Jul 04 2008
Thank you - Apr 02 2008
Language has no matter, if you provide a direct link (anyway, it not too hard to understand how to download), so your help will be usefull - Mar 31 2008