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BMZ cursor

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Nov 12 2018
Appreciated your efforts and the elegance of these cute cursors :P

Nili - Dec 07 2016
Np, It worked for me on vanilla debian. I'm glad i found your cursor, i was using another one for long time, a refresh it should for me.


Nili - Dec 07 2016
Hi, thank you for this awesome cursor. It look very nice on my setup. Thanks :)

@herrbatka you can change "[Cursor Theme]" @ index.theme to "[Icon Theme]" i had issue aswell as you describet but renaming Cursor to Icon fixed on my setup.

Nili - Dec 07 2016

Icon Themes 19 comments

by ZMA
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Apr 01 2018
Thank you very much ZMA, I'll use on arc-themes back.
Many thanks mate! - Aug 04 2016
I used to download and [url=]use[/url] the snowy icons package. It was simply great completed icons pack. I haven't keept very long in use. Now i regret that i haven't saved it. Please if someone can send me a copy, or if author is reading here. Please send me a copy or upload to another host. A few my friends are looking aswell to check it.
It is regrettable that gnome-look removed that fantastic icon package.

Nili - Aug 04 2016