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Nov 15 2010
No, it's not letting me do anything with that scrolling. I pretty much figure this is a lost cause so I'm reinstalling 10.04 right now. I wish I knew what happened in case something like this ever happens again. The only thing I can figure is something was not compatible with my system and the theme. I was running the mac4lin theme and that worked perfectly, though it did not change the toolbar menu just changed the Ubuntu icon to an apple, maybe that's where things went wrong.

Anyhow this theme looked great up until the crash and thank you for trying to help me out.I may give it another try when my fresh install is finished to see if there is any difference. this time I'll try the 10.04-2.1 package. I believe the one I installed was just 10.04.

By the way on this pages screenshot it shows a toolbar with several pulldowns (file, edit, view, etc..), when I installed that I only had one pull down, how would we be able to set up the other pull downs?

Thanks again - Sep 03 2010
OK, I've tried to do that but when accessing the terminal all it does is scroll something over and over non stop such as:
[ 430.741471] ath5k phy0: gain calibration timeout (2462MHz)

and noise floor calibration timeout

the numbers keep changing and scrolling, the error above is not accurate due to the scrolling. Maybe you know what this means? or possibly how to break it from doing that check, it's been 10 minutes now and just constantly scrolling with 5 second pauses between each 100'th number set. - Sep 03 2010
This theme totally broke my system, everything looked like it was running nicely until I noticed I lost my background effects; they were turned off for some reason, so I turned them back on. then the screen went all haywire I couldn't see/do anything so I decided to try to reboot, now I cannot get past the splash screen right b4 the login page. the login page is all black. how can I uninstall this theme from either the safe mode kernel prompt or using a live cd?

BTW I'm using ATI graphics and AMD processor which may not have been compatible with the theme

Thanks - Sep 03 2010