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Angel Telon
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Metacity Themes

Metacity Themes 10 comments

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Mar 26 2009
? - May 14 2009
Check the first sentence of the last paragraph on the description above..

Do *one* extraction. You will get 2 files. These you can drag to the preferences window.

I think your subject "Pissed off" is a bit on the harsh side.. - May 14 2009
I was really pushed to get this one out to the world :-) (Hi, Cb2k) - Mar 26 2009

Gnome Screenshots 5 comments

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Jan 13 2009
Oh, I 'm sorry to have kept you on your toes. I didn't realize anyone was interested, so I kept it for myself :-)

There you are: - Mar 26 2009
Well, it's not gonna be in some old(er) JPEG format that's going to distort even worse than PNG, that's for sure! - Jan 20 2009
My Red And Black Desktop

Gnome Screenshots 4 comments

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Jan 19 2009
Great looking desktop. What's the GTK theme? - Jan 19 2009

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Feb 18 2009
Hey, what's that thing on the bottom left? Is it system console output? Is it a conky script or something else? - Dec 31 2008

GTK2 Themes 52 comments

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Mar 11 2010
Nice work.

What is that panel thing at the (top) center? Looks like a network meter.. - Dec 30 2008