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Mark Jaroski Lausanne, Switzerland
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Plasma 4 Widgets 52 comments

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Jun 16 2008
OK, after studying up a bit on Arch Linux it looks like there are two options for getting KDE4. Are you using the official distribution or are you using markc's daily snapshot? - May 16 2008
Looks like you've got an older (or possibly newer) version of the KDE4 libs installed. What version do you have?

I' m not sure that my previous answer was useful at all, but I don't really read German, so I had to study up a bit to read what the compiler was trying to say. ;)

-mark - May 11 2008
Hi! I was about to update the links just now, but the filenames don't seem to have changed. Is updating the links unnecessary? Thanks again! - May 11 2008
My best guess is that that's a linker error, because it looks like the object files already exist.

Maybe you have two different versions of QT4 installed, and the linker is getting confused. I'll see if I can find a similar error string elsewhere. - May 08 2008
I guess you could add the line that it suggests. I'd put it at the top of CMakeLists.txt.

Can you give it a try and post the result? - May 08 2008
Thank you!

There are a couple of issues that I've noticed with existing plasmoids which I'd like to help clean up, so I'm going to look into doing that. That said it looks like KDE4.1 might change enough things that it might be better to wait. - Apr 25 2008
Thanks! Do you think I should add it to this page as well? - Apr 24 2008
I think it works now. That line and the other lines were there for a couple of unit tests which I wrote when starting the app. I didn't include them in the tarball because I think they won't work on the majority of systems.

Anyhow, after commenting out all of those lines it seems to work for me now with a fresh install.

Thanks for the catch! - Apr 23 2008
Sorry about that. Try it now.

Meanwhile it is also available directly from the download link on this page. - Apr 23 2008
I've added explicit license statements to the top of each file.

Thanks for pointing out that it was needed. - Apr 23 2008
There's a COPYING file, and I could have sworn that I added a GPL preamble to the header. I'll look. - Apr 23 2008
Thanks! - Apr 22 2008
amaroK tags

Amarok 1.x Scripts 5 comments

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Nov 06 2006
Hi Dominik,

Thanks for the patch and the kind words. Sorry I didn't notice your post sooner.

I like your idea of including the top tags. I think I'd like to make it a configuration item though, since sometimes I simply don't agree with the tags other people use.

One way or the other the next time I work on this I'll add it.

-mark - Dec 15 2006
Might very well supercede this script. I only became aware of them when it was nearly done already.

At any rate, if you want to run this script over your entire collection you can, just load everything into the playlist, select all, and run the script for selected files.

Thanks for the kind works, - Nov 02 2006 tag to amarok playlist

Various Stuff 5 comments

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Aug 25 2006
I'm about to start work on a similar script, but with some key differences. I'm planning to write the tags into the comment field for each track. This will allow the user to build smart playlists based on the presence of the tag.

I haven't decided if I want to write it in python or something else yet but if it's in python I might like to use some of your code. I hope you don't mind.

Thanks for the script!

-mark - Oct 10 2006