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GTK3 Themes 294 comments

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Aug 10 2019
firefox? - Jan 04 2019
and how did you get that sidebar/notification center? (still in pic 3) - Jan 03 2019
what browser is that in picture 3? - Jan 03 2019
Cupertino iCons Collection

Icon Themes 220 comments

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Jul 22 2019
whats that siri looking icon supposed to be? - Dec 15 2018
oh sorry. - Jul 23 2018
i hate that settings icon, is it really that hard to find a settings icon from mac? no, just google "system preferences icon png" and click the first one on the left, now can you please replace the old circular one for the normal one? - Jul 23 2018
Matcha Gtk Theme

GTK3 Themes 150 comments

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Jun 22 2019
thanks! - Sep 05 2018
i want that applet on the right, the one with wifi connection control and volume control and lock sleep and power off control! i need it!! - Sep 03 2018

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Jul 12 2019
*theme - Sep 03 2018
this looks nothing like what is in the pictures, and its nothing like material design or material design 2, so either update the description or the them itself. - Aug 20 2018
mcOS 11 GTK and Shell theme

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Apr 22 2019
what is that siri looking icon in the dock? like what is the app/program thing? - Sep 01 2018

Icon Themes 212 comments

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Aug 17 2019
i put it in the .icons folder but it wont show up, am i doing it wrong? - Aug 07 2018
Fluent Design Theme

GTK3 Themes 9 comments

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Aug 02 2018
how do you remove that little linux icon at the bottom right? i dont like it, and what if i want to switch themes? it wouldnt look very good. - Aug 02 2018
Foggy Dock theme for Plank

Plank Themes 6 comments

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Mar 21 2019
i need those icons - Aug 02 2018
mcOS Mojave Themes for Plank Dock

Plank Themes 26 comments

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May 29 2019
thanks! and one last question, how did you get the appmenu to work? i've installed it and put it on the applet and logged in and logged out (as the help guide said to do) and it showed some error and so far now ive just decided to put the menu text as the toolbar text from my browser. - Jul 24 2018
hey another question, what is the icon pack you use? and how did you get the app menu up there? - Jul 23 2018
oh i've figured it out, thanks. - Jul 22 2018
how do you do that? - Jul 22 2018
basically it wont let me put anything in the folder because i'm not an admin. - Jul 22 2018
its always like "uhhh nahhh you caint do dat cuz you aint mah cuz and u aarrrreeeennnttt MINCROFT ADDMIN"

lol wtf did i just do - Jul 22 2018