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by Etric
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Oct 28 2015
Error message is "warning: creating a DT_TEXTREL in a shared object" and Google told me (in the first search result) that this is a problem with missing -fPIC. So I searched the sources for -fPIC and removed the conditional. Simple :-) - Mar 23 2013
I also have Gentoo and I have Googled DT_TEXTREL problem - some of the linked files use -fPIC and some don't. I fixed the problem by removing the conditional around adding -fPIC in src/common/CMakeLists.txt and src/kded/CMakeLists.txt - so that it will use -fPIC always. This did the trick for me. - Mar 22 2013
Garfield (en)

Plasma Comic Sources 8 comments

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Apr 11 2018
Latest version works, you just need to update via "Get new comics" for "Installed" ones. - Mar 19 2011
The file extension have changed to jpg since 2011 on Sundays. Go to .kde/share/apps/plasma/comics/garfield/contents/code/ and edit fileName assignment in the getComic() method:

var extension = ".gif";
if (comic.identifier.year() >= 2011 && comic.identifier.dayOfWeek() == 7)
extension = ".jpg";
var fileName = "ga" + comic.identifier.toString("yyMMdd") + extension;
- Mar 09 2011
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System Software
by Etric

Score 85.4%
9   Jan 21 2011