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Blue and Dark theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes 2 comments

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Aug 22 2007
How did you get your bottom menu to look like that? (reflection) - Aug 22 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes 13 comments

by aivs
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Sep 02 2006
How did you simplify Konqueror like that?
(No menubar // side bar switches, etc) - Sep 05 2006
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

GTK2 Themes 266 comments

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Aug 23 2017
For someone new to gnome, whats the dock program at the bottom? - Jun 06 2005
Aurora Desktop Environment

Various Gnome Stuff 72 comments

by demom
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Aug 31 2005
What would be _really_ cool is if you could get a theme going that nearly duplicate the way Mac OS X's GUI works! You could have Windows / Mac 'mockups' and have some other themes. Obviously these themes would need to be quite inricate, or you could just build 2 versions, one that works like WinXP or Longhorn and the other going like Mac OS X.

Thats just my 2 cents. I think having a DE that is a near clone of Mac OS would be really cool, or get Linux looking like Windows.

It looks very good though. Keep up the grand work!!! - Jun 05 2005
KDesktop Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 115 comments

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Jul 09 2006
Well, if you look at this picture:

you will see what the Windows Longhorn "startbar" looks like. Maybe you could theme your project to look like this.

OR, you could maybe theme it like the Mac OSX top bar:

Again, just ideas.
Although I find Linux lacks tools to imitate LongHorn. (IMHO Its quite nice looking!)
Thanks! - Jun 05 2005
Why not make it themeable? You could get a longhorn like bar, or the Mac OSX top bar. - Jun 05 2005