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Rob Wheeler
Online Radio AD Blocker

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Score 67.1%
Aug 13 2015
I rewrote the original script to instead stop and then start playing the stream which I found causes the ad to be skipped entirely. I only tested this with, but I would imagine this works with others. Please reach out with any questions.

function descriptor()
   return {
title = "Online Radio AD blocker",
author = "",
version = 0.3,
shortdesc = 'AdBlock',
url = '',
description = "It always annoying when a commercial unexpectedly interrupts your relaxation and tries to sell you irrelevant products and services again and again every day. Hey, what happened? I want to listen my online radio without ads! With this extension (after configuration) the volume level is automatically set to 0 when an AD is recognized",
capabilities = {"input-listener"}

function meta_changed()"... meta_changed ...")
t = get_now_playing()"Now playing:")
prev = block
block = string.find(t,"Digitally Imported.*TAG") or string.find(t, 'More of the show after these messages') or string.find(t, 'Get Digitally Imported Premium') or string.find(t, 'webex') or string.find(t, '') or string.find(t, "There's more to Digitally Imported!") or string.find(t, '') or string.find(t, '')
if block then"Found AD, stop")
vlc.playlist.stop()"Go to first track in playlist")
vlc.playlist.goto(1)"Replay stream to skip ad")

function activate()

function deactivate()

function get_now_playing(str)
    local item = vlc.item or vlc.input.item()
if not item then
return ""
local metas = item:metas()
if metas["now_playing"] then
return metas["now_playing"]
return ""
- Nov 16 2015
Score 67.1%
Nov 16 2015