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Jul 15 2018
There are more and more stupid forks in the linux/open source world, but this buggy fork of the popular texmaker editor is one of the most ridiculous.
Three years after the fork, the developpers continue to clone the original soft! (even the look and feel).
All that for one goal : nationalism.

When texmaker use a special Qt style, texstudio uses the same one some months later;
When a pdf viewer is added to texmaker, the texstudio developper add one too some months later (after saying that they will never add a pdf viewer).
When the pdf viewer can be embedded in a same window in texmaker, the texstudio authors add excatly the same feature (with bugs).
When a session manager is added to texmaker, this feature is, of course, added some months later to texstudio;
And so on...
All the ideas are taken from the original soft... several years after the fork! - Jan 08 2013

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