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Jul 22 2019
Sure! I understand... That's why i made them, so they can be used by anyone for free, and i even include the png in case anyone wants to modify them. Thank you for crediting me. Besides that, your themes look awesome! - Oct 15 2018
Hey! Given that you stole many of my icons, and you credited them as yours, you should at least acknowledge that and credit me as the author.
My icons are and always will be free, and i have no problem with you including them on this theme, but posting them as yours is stealing.
The icons you stole from me (Siri, iTunes, Instapaper, iWork apps, QuickTime, The Unarchiver, Pixelmator, Grab, Transmission and the folders, mentioned on the other comment by imaw1nn3r) are all available on my DeviantArt page:

Again, my icons are free to use, share and modify, as long as you credit me. - Oct 14 2018