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Otto Leipälä Uusikaupunki, Finland

System Software 96 comments

Rating: 5.1
Oct 23 2016
I think your qt5 is too old you may have to upgrade it to 5.6.x. - Apr 21 2016
KvSimple for Kvantum

Kvantum 36 comments

Rating: 5.6
Sep 11 2015
Have you still that older version ? i moved back to mageia from arch linux.But problem is mageia use older 0.9.0 lxqt,panel theme is not compatible with that version. - Jan 13 2016
I got it yesterday asus laptop and yes panel theme looks good and works ok. - Nov 25 2015
My laptop get broken i need to wait to next week to get new computer,i will test soon it i can. - Nov 20 2015
Panel theme get broken with new lxqt 0.10 in my arch linux. - Nov 05 2015
Looks awesome thx. :) - Oct 22 2015
Can you make custom lxqt panel theme to get even more better integration to lxqt ?. - Oct 15 2015
I see you use in that screenshot gparted,what gtk theme you use in lxqt ?. - Oct 13 2015
I tested it it looks good and works ok. - Jul 22 2015
This is link where it was stored says not found.

- Jul 21 2015
Have you faenza flattr as i lost my own when i moved to lxqt and it's removed from kde-look. - Jul 21 2015
Could you create openbox theme to match as i have moved from kde4 to lxqt and not using kwin. - Jul 21 2015
Look so good thx for another great theme :D - May 12 2015

Icon Themes 9 comments

Rating: 6.3
Apr 14 2017
Nice work no any icons missing in lxqt so far. - Sep 19 2015
Compass for KDE

Icon Themes 30 comments

Rating: 6.4
Oct 03 2017
Thanks for explain how it works.:) - Jul 14 2015
Where is download link ? in github page say there is download from store but there is no in store page any download link at all so can you add it to there so it will be more easy to download this.

Chakra have package sources linked to nitrux but seems package is broken when i try to open it. - Jul 13 2015
KvHybrid for Kvantum

Kvantum 35 comments

Rating: 6.2
Jun 10 2015
When you release that custom icon theme ? as faenza flattr have no anymore dark decoration support,some panel icons are black with black background so they are unreadable. - Jul 03 2015
I use now helium repack looks very nice with this kvhybrid. - Apr 05 2015
You can use Orion gtk2/3 theme by satya sahoo it match very close colors with kvhybrid. - Mar 15 2015
It seems oxygen-gtk reads tooltip colors from kdeglobals file so those tooltip colors have to change to kvhybrid colors file itself. - Feb 26 2015
I noticed problem was nothing to do with this theme it's gtk application tooltips what are from different theme. - Feb 19 2015
You need to adjust color scheme it use in tooltips black background with black text color make it unreadable. - Feb 18 2015
Thx then waiting for plasma5 and mageia that they take it as default kde. - Feb 16 2015
What plasma theme are you using with this ?. - Feb 16 2015

QtCurve 16 comments

Rating: 6.0
Aug 20 2015
What icon theme do you use ? - Aug 20 2014

Gnome Shell Themes 5 comments

Rating: 7.3
Jul 07 2014
What gtk theme you use with this shell theme ?. - Jul 11 2014
xenlism : minimalism

Gnome Shell Themes 55 comments

Rating: 6.9
May 04 2018
Nice theme but it's too integrated to arch linux,can you provide version of this theme with gnome logo instead of arch linux ?. - May 08 2014
Modern KDE 4 Splash Screen

KDE 4 Splashscreens 15 comments

Rating: 7.6
Jul 09 2014
Where i can download wallpaper.? - Mar 13 2014
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

Rating: 7.8
Aug 15 2013
This is what i have waiting when it will be translated to my native language. :) - Sep 03 2013
Try this speed dial,i tested and it's working just fine and not break speed dial background when using firefox oxygen. - Jun 28 2013
That fvd problem need to get fixed.I think that this theme overwrite those fvd speed dial background settings somehow but not sure how. - Jun 17 2013
There is bug in oxygen firefox with kfaenza icon theme,minimize and maximize buttons use wrong icons when i have set in settings use system default icons. - Mar 30 2013

Icon Themes 156 comments

Rating: 7.1
Nov 04 2011
This one works. - Jun 24 2013
You can ask if that kfaenza patch maker can add that icon for you,that is patch to kfaenza to add missing icons. - Jun 17 2013
Here is to those users who want to download it. - Apr 14 2013
KFaenza icon patch

Individual Icons/-sets 11 comments

Rating: 7.7
Oct 08 2012
Ok i think this it's bug in firefox oxygen theme so i need to report this to upstream,thx for your help so :). - Mar 25 2013
Firefox minimize and maximation icons are wrong,it's showing download icon and time glass icon in right corner. - Mar 23 2013
Mageia Minimal Plymouth

Plymouth Themes 2 comments

Rating: 6.5
Mar 24 2013
Plymouth themes should installed to /usr/share/plymouth/themes not to theme,can you change it to command ?. - Mar 24 2013
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

Rating: 7.0
Jan 16 2013
Anewstart it's having gtk2 gtk3 and qtcurve theme
gtk version is made alecive and qtcurve made lgsalvati

You need to have murrine and unico engine to use that gtk theme and qtcurve
and you need to install that new kde-gtk-engine if your distro have it in repos or lxappearance and set gtk themes to use anewstart and qtcurve to kde and qt apps using qtconfig. - Jul 18 2012
You can use qtcurve and install gtk unico engine and get some gtk themes from gnome look and set up with lxappearance gtk3 apps use gtk theme,so you don't need to use ugly oxygen style ever anymore.Just remember with lxapperance set manualy from gtkrc2 file theme to qtcurve because it changes both gtk2 and gtk3 theme to use same theme. - May 16 2012

GTK3 Themes 363 comments

Rating: 6.9
Sep 13 2017
it's too light,problem it's panel and xfce clock is unreadable because panel is light background and font color is too,so you need to set black color used with panel,i have changed manualy those colors. - May 11 2012

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 2 comments

Rating: 6.8
Mar 21 2012
Are you planning to updated theme to work with gnome 3.4,even with new unico engine 1.0.2 what is made to work with gnome 3.4 it wont work,it shows black theme when using gtk3 apps in xfce. - Apr 24 2012
full flat

QtCurve 15 comments

Rating: 7.2
Sep 18 2012
What icon theme are you using with this theme,it looks really nice and clean. - Apr 12 2012
White Pearls

Plasma Color Schemes 1 comment

by its
Rating: 7.5
Aug 21 2010
Problem it is that tool tip colors in firefox are unreadable because colors what you have used is black background and white text colors,it is more better if you use white background and black color in tool tips it's looks mutch more better. - Mar 17 2012
OxygenRings qtcurve

QtCurve 5 comments

Rating: 7.2
Jan 31 2011
What icon theme you are using with this theme.? - Mar 12 2012

QtCurve 3 comments

Rating: 7.3
Mar 08 2012
I like this theme thx.:D - Mar 04 2012

Plasma Themes 30 comments

by Kame2
Rating: 7.3
Sep 11 2011
Can you add lancelot menu theme to this theme what is adjusted to use system colors.? You can use plasma theme aya to look how it is done. - Feb 25 2012
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets 642 comments

Rating: 7.9
Nov 10 2011
What the hell are you doing ??? you can get it from ubuntu ppa binary packages and you are try to compile it from sources - Feb 24 2012

Plasma Themes 31 comments

Rating: 7.6
Jan 18 2011
Calendar looks really ugly because it is black and text is so smooth color it is not readable at all,can you change those colors.? - Feb 24 2012
Soft Plastic (QtCurve)

QtCurve 8 comments

Rating: 7.4
Jun 09 2012
Ok,about that Fushigi plasma theme how i can change veromix icon because oxygen icon theme over write those Fushigi tray icons. ? Kmix gettings different icon than veromix. ??? - Feb 20 2012
Rating: 5.6
Jul 23 2015

by hianlima

Rating: 7.3
Mar 04 2012
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets
by CraigD

Rating: 7.9
Feb 25 2012
Rating: 7.5
Jan 13 2012

by dimparf

Rating: 6.5
Dec 02 2011
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Widgets
by panzi

Rating: 7.8
Aug 20 2011
Rating: 7.2
Aug 19 2011
Rating: 7.2
Aug 18 2011
Ia Ora

by dieterehlers

Rating: 5.3
3   Oct 02 2015
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

Rating: 7.8
8   Oct 05 2013

by hianlima

Rating: 7.3
8   Mar 04 2012
Rating: 7.5
8   Jan 13 2012