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Pablo Garcí­a
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GTK2 Themes 4 comments

by ozroc
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Jun 14 2007
It can also be a bit Mac-Style:

Aqua Style:
Color1 #d9edff
Color2 #ffffff
Color3 #3e44ff

;) - Jun 15 2007
Color1 #d9ed42
Color2 #8c992b
Color3 #3e4413

Color1 #999999
Color2 #bbbbbb
Color3 #555555

Color1 #8bd665
Color2 #d6c765
Color3 #8265d5

Color1 #422400
Color2 #a85d00
Color3 #a0a800 - Jun 14 2007
iRobot Marvin

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

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Jul 24 2007
Forgot to link an image with some example icons: - Jun 14 2007
Hi! I've made a full Marvin-based iconset. I did it just with imagemagick and a pair of for's in my shell compositing Marvin's and Tango Theme, but I think it's quite cool.

If anyone's interested I will probably release them soon.

I've talked with the original authors (at and ) and agreed.
- Jun 14 2007
iRobot Marvin

Full Icon Themes 1 comment

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Jan 25 2006
I've been using these icons and they're great.
I've made some others like the firefox one with a terminal, a folder and other icons that I use to have on my Desktop.
I've tried to contact you but couldn't, so if you don't answer to this post I'll made them public here with the same license you used. - Jan 26 2007