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Time v3.2

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Sep 01 2018
nevermind, after restarting whole preferences I have one time v3 with additional buttons, everything is working :) - Aug 05 2018
As I remember after transferring the files into right directions I only had Time v3 (intf) in VLC -> extensions and thats it, I could lunch it but, nothing happened after clicking "START!", which I mention in the very beginning of this conversation and fortunately you figured out why. After adding new lines I have two "Time v3 (intf)"'s in VLC ->extensions, the first one like it was before, and second one with additional buttons. After clicking reset and relaunching VLC the extension is disabled and after clicking this second "Time v3 (intf)" (with two additional buttons) I have a settings screen first. Everything is working properly, only thing is that I have two "Time v3 (intf)"'s in VLC -> extension. How to remove the first one? (purely for esthetic reasons) - Aug 05 2018
Yes, Time v3 (intf) is the control panel and appears when I click it just like on the screen on this page, and it works fine, I can customize it whenever I want and it saves configuration for the next time I am lunching VLC, so like I sad I can fully enjoy add-on now thanks to that line you gave me added to interface script and activation made manually in VLC preferences. I don't see any errors in this "⌘+Shift+m" panel when I am clicking "START!". I am not sure what you mean by "verbosity level 2=debug" should I see it on this panel or type it somewhere? I still only have "time v3 (intf)" in vlc > extensions without any submenu and I am not following you how to activate this submenu - Jul 28 2018
With "os.setlocale("C", "all")" in the interface script add-on seems to be working 100% correctly! :) I don't know only what you mean by this "settings", in VLC > extensions > I only have "Time v3 (intf)" and my another extension VLsub, I don't have any "settings and control panel". Could you clarify? - Jul 27 2018
Same when launching VLC through terminal, add-on working only with first video, but causing problem with subtitles, with next video add-on is not working at all, neither the subtitles - Jul 25 2018
I was managed to activate it by typing "luaintf" in Tools > Preferences > Show settings=All > Interface \
\ Main interfaces: "Extra interface modules" text box and looper_intf in \ Main interfaces \ Lua: "Lua interface" text box but it is unstable. It is working when launching VLC, but has a problems with subtitles (showing only some of the lines) and after switching to another video add-on stops working completely and VLC its not showing any subtitles at all. Same every time I am launching VLC. - Jul 25 2018
Ok not there yet... it's partly working, only when I am launching VLC from the terminal using the command which you gave me.(/Applications/ --verbose=2 --file-logging --logfile=vlc_log.txt --extraintf=luaintf --lua-intf=looper_intf)
Any ideas how to turn it permanent? - Jul 25 2018
"What happens if you replace dot by comma in numbers (like 0.1 --> 0,1)" – well... it's working!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE, finally i can enjoy your lovely extension - Jul 25 2018
Is there any chance that this problem will be fixed in near future? Maybe I can do more tests for you? It sucks that I can't have such a simple thing as time displayer in VLC on Mac. - Jul 24 2018
Still the same error occurs in the log file :( - Jul 22 2018 - Jul 21 2018 - Jul 20 2018
Same here, maybe it simply doesn't work now for Mac? I have the interface but no time stamp. I am on High Sierra OS - Jul 14 2018