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Obsidian Icon Theme

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Jul 14 2019
Thanks, found out its the "default faenza icon" and its NOT a nazi icon, just had a bad day I guess, your icons are superb - Feb 24 2017
Hey good work, but there is a Nazi symbol when you install new software, any chance you can change it?
- Feb 12 2017
Awesome icons! I can confirm this works with ubuntu MATE too - Feb 05 2017

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Jul 08 2019
I care for that opinion, you either dont have money for windows 10, want linux to look like windows 10 or are simply accustomed to windows 10, that means your pretty dumb in your personal preference
- Feb 09 2017
Windows themes and OSX wannabes....are people just that dumb? - Feb 08 2017
Bluecurve icons

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Jan 06 2017
System tray icons are missing like internet and bluetooth, any chance adding them? - Jan 29 2017
Thanks really good icon set, but how do you change "indicators look" in ubuntu-mate? - Jan 29 2017