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Compact murrine

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Nov 07 2008
I suspected as much. I haven't tried to make a compact theme, so I'm not aware of the difficulties.

Knowing that GTK+ is a pain in the ***, it might be worth having a look at these two themes:

Both are very zealous (too much, IMHO) about compactness, but it might be useful to see how they achieve their effects. I haven't looked at the code, but I suspect they fiddle with padding values. - Nov 09 2008
Compact themes are always welcome. Try to balance the widgets as much as you can. Right now, the combo boxes, progress bars, etc are huge compared to the buttons or the scrollbar. Not everything can be compacted (damn GTK+!), but try and find a compromise. - Nov 08 2008
Murrina Quiet

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Nov 09 2008
The "colorize_scrollbar" option is a feature of the newest murrine. I therefore suspect that you have an older version installed. I don't know which version is in debian, nor which branch you are using, but if your repo doesn't have it, you can either compile it from SVN or find one of several .debs floating around. - Nov 03 2008
Pucko Modern

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Oct 27 2008
I don't like the completely desaturated look of prelighted buttons, since the bg is so heavily saturated. Also, the colours of the metacity are inconsistent with those of the themes. Everything else seems excellent.

Any thoughts of releasing a dynamic metacity to be used in other themes? I can use colorize in the xml, but I suspect the result won't be ideal. - Oct 26 2008

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Oct 03 2008
I agree. It would be even better if the arrow was designed like the other buttons. It currently stands out--and not in a good way.

Very good work overall! :) - Oct 04 2008
My Precious

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Sep 25 2008
This theme looks suspiciously like Milk ( or one of its GTK+ ports. This theme is not under an open license; make sure you have requested permission before posting. - Sep 25 2008
Murrina Symphonic

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Jul 27 2008
Yes, it's possible. Apart from changing menubarstyle, you also need to comment line 43: "GtkMenuBar :: Shadow-type = GTK_SHADOW_NONE"
- Sep 20 2008
Cimi, the creator of Murrine, has stated that he doesn't want any .debs floating around before a stable release.

That said, I think there are .debs around.

This theme was intended as a showcase, more than anything else. Be a little patient and you'll be flooded with a host of almost identical murrine themes as in the past :) - Jul 23 2008
I only just now pieced together that you're the original author of Symphony and Soffice.

/honoured :) - Jul 23 2008
Actually, I started to work on this theme after using the new MS office on someone else's PC. I liked the soft blue background but the rest is too glossy for my taste.

The colours in this theme are derived from the Symphony theme which, I presume, is inspired by IBM's Symphony: - Jul 23 2008

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May 14 2009
It takes a little while to register the change. If you change the filename, however, from screenshot1.png (for example) to screenshot2.png, the update should be more or less automatic. Such has been my experience, at least. - Sep 15 2008
ϰ (Kappa)

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Aug 23 2008
For the checkboxes in the menu, have a look at the "View" menu in Rhythmbox.

The sliders look like buttons, but don't prelight like buttons. Seems odd to me.

For the flat menubar add the following in the default style
GtkMenuBar :: shadow-type = GTK_SHADOW_NONE
and change menubarstyle to 0 inside the murrine engine options. - Aug 21 2008
I just had a look at your theme again, so I thought I'd leave some more concrete comments: the sliders don't behave like the buttons, which seems strange; highlighted checkboxes & radiobuttons in the menus are inconsistent with the normal ones; the menubar, menus, and lists are very squashed, though it seems this is a design decision.

Also, since you're using a blending metacity you may want to consider using the following new feature of murrine: flat menubar without shadow for ultra blendy goodness :) - Aug 20 2008
I know what you're talking about. What I was trying to say is that as long as you're not working in the pixmap engine you have to understand what the various other engines can do. Trying to get them to do what they're not supposed to is bound to end up with ugly inconsistencies. They also have bugs, which you must learn to work around.

But good things lie ahead:

Keep up the good fight :) - Aug 20 2008
Sorry, the "most were not released" was about my own themes, not the high quality ones I refer to. - Aug 20 2008
GTK themes can get pretty subtle; every other theme here seems to use a definite no-no, such as mixing aurora and clearlooks (they use different highlighting methods which is both ugly and potentially confusing).

The best way to learn is to look at some high quality themes (most were not released) and see what they're up to. I've made a couple dozen themes over the last year and only one, Murrina Symphonic, is the only one I still stand by. Probably the best way of going about this is to think of something you want to do and then try and do it, so you learn the limitations of clearlooks or murrine, etc. Hope this helps a little. - Aug 20 2008
New Wave

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Dec 14 2009
I did not mean to come off as right or wrong. I was simply pointing out that IMHO fewer colours tend to work better together. I was very impressed with your theme, hence the interest. But design is in the eye of the beholder. It's your theme, your choice, dude. Keep up the good work. - Aug 15 2008
I see what you mean, but we're talking about prelights, so NOT what the eye sees first, but what the eye sees after the cursor has moved over a specific widget.

If you look at some popular themes such as Microsoft's vista, you'll notice that it's very conservative in the numbers of colours it uses. The Human themes are also good in that they use minor variations in value, while retaining consistent hue and saturation throughout. - Aug 15 2008
Here's a screenshot that shows of the new murrine scrollbars:

That said, since you're using the pixmap engine (and are obviously good at making art), you have no use for it. I like the scrollbars as they are.

What I find odd is the colour variance: the selected menu item is very dark in comparison with the rest of the theme, the list headers are different from the buttons (why?), and so on.

Other than that, it's a very promising pixmap theme. Keep up the good work! - Aug 14 2008

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Jul 19 2008
While I understand your intention, a sort of obvious question emerges: what sort of environment do you have in mind that cannot sacrifice 44ms to use the simple but highly elegant thin ice engine? I understand that the delay is not a one time cost, but still... I remember using the thin ice engine very comfortably on a 486 ThinkPad. (Of course that was on GTK+ 1.x, so this may not apply anymore.)

P.S. gtkperf is 3 years old -- are its results valid?

P.S. [Five minutes later] In the process of researching this question I tried out gtkperf with the thin ice engine on my recent, but entry level, laptop. gtkperf clocked it at 6.63! My murrine theme clocked at 13.89 -- faster than mycro on your test machine!

I thought I'd retract the question, but then I decided to let it stand so that others may know that, apparently, you're doing god's work for those folks with old machines.

Voted good! :) - Jul 19 2008

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Jul 09 2008
Last I heard Cimi did not want any debs to circulate, because the engine is still in development. - Jul 09 2008

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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Dec 06 2008
Then why is it here? It has nothing to do with GNOME. - May 28 2008
WorldMap Blue/Orange/Red/Green/Purple

Wallpaper Other 26 comments

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Apr 25 2010
I was actually looking for an abstract (rather than realistic) map of the world to use as a wallpaper a few months back. All good things come to those who wait. (Not really.) Thanks! - May 22 2008

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May 20 2008
I'm glad you like the theme. Your proposal is interesting but I think this theme is a bit too dark for Elementary. I am working at the moment on a lighter, milk-inspired murrine theme with five colour variations. I'll upload a version of that in a few days, which perhaps will be more appropriate for Elementary. Even if you ultimately require modifications, I think that that would form a better base to work off. - May 21 2008
This thought just occured to me: if you want to get rid of the colored prelight, you can simply change the tooltip colour to a value like "#F2F2F2" which will give buttons just a tiny bit of shine on mouseover. - May 20 2008
The prelight /is/ bright but except for the scrollbars it only appears when your mouse is over a button, which, presumably, your eyes have been following all along :)

I have a thing with green in themes: I think that pale green looks really bland, hence the radioactive colour I chose.

Even without the GNOME interface fiddling with the colors is simple enough: open the gtkrc and have a look at the gtk_color_scheme line on line 8. Of interest are the "selected_bg_color" (menus, etc) and the "tooltip_bg_color" (prelights). The toolbars, as I mentioned in a previous post, are colored separately. - May 20 2008
There you go... I packaged a green variation. I think the prelight may be a bit too bright, but I haven't used it long enough to say. Give it a spin and tell me what you think. - May 20 2008
Glad you like the theme. On to your comments:

1) I agree with you about the scrollbars; I think the murrine ones in general are pretty dingy. To remove the "baby blue" you can comment out line 69 in the gtkrc to get a white scrollbar. Assuming you don't like this solution, which makes the scrollbar hard to see, you can try replacing the colour on line 69 with something other than the tooltip (baby blue), like the selected colour (dark blue) or a value between the two.

2) As for a green variation... well, you're being a little lazy aren't you? :p Go to GNOME Apperance Preferences and use "#86A954" for selected items and "#BFFF66" for tooltips. I think these are alright, but if you find better values, feel free to post them here. (They are intended to be equivalent to the Bright version.)

- May 19 2008
Nevermind! It sorted itself out. - May 17 2008
I can't figure out how to update the 1st picture. (Deleting or changing it from the "edit" page does not seem to work.) Any ideas or workarounds? - May 16 2008
Gnome Cupertino

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Mar 15 2012

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Aug 12 2011
Clearlooks Revamp

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Jul 24 2011

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Nov 12 2009

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Nov 12 2009

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Jun 23 2009

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Apr 27 2009

Metacity Themes

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Apr 13 2009
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Mar 18 2009
New Wave

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Jan 08 2009

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Jan 08 2009
Aurora Gtk Engine

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Jan 03 2009

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Dec 30 2008
Gnome Cupertino

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9   Jun 05 2012

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9   Jun 04 2011

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9   Apr 26 2011
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9   Apr 26 2011

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9   Dec 25 2010