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Anton Fetisov Moscow, Russian Federation

Plasma Themes 10 comments

Score 67.1%
Dec 12 2009
I was searching for a long time for some theme that wasn't just black-or-white with transparency. Maybe it's just me but most of the themes on look almost the same. I just wish the borders wouldn't have that naughty "grey line" effect, I wish they were in theme with the background, like some polished wooden edge. - Mar 01 2011
Muon Package Management Suite

System Software 22 comments

Score 85.9%
Apr 20 2011
I didn't feel how's it different from Synaptic. I also didn't like update & software managers.

I couldn't configure update manager to update only specific kinds of packages. I really don't want to update my kernel. I also couldn't change update frequency.

Software manager can't queue tasks. So first I have to wait hell long after clicking "install" while soft is "waiting" (what is Muon doing? Downloading? Waiting for server response?) I didn't know about this feature, so I went through a list of soft and checked several points, only to be notified later that only Banshee was installed and be thrown out into starting software list. Also, it would be very useful to highlight installed software in total software list.

I liked several software view options, however there's lacking a view by category. It's useful for installed soft as well as uninstalled. - Feb 22 2011

Plasma Themes
by mschu

Score 78.6%
9   Mar 01 2011

Plasma Themes
by garthecho

Score 67.1%
9   Mar 01 2011
Score 74.0%
9   Feb 23 2011

Plasma 4 Widgets
by ryanho

Score 80.6%
9   Feb 23 2011