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Wesley profoX , Belgium
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Grass in droplets

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by tichy
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Apr 09 2006
Yes, like you said, the source photo isn't ideal.
But you CAN make something out of it with programs like Gimp.
Azaloth gave some real good suggestions.

Btw, I come from using Photoshop (we use that in class) and I feel uncomfortable with the Gimp :( Because I can create real nice graphics with Photoshop, but in Gimp I can't, but that's probably just me. Alot of things are different in the Gimp. But I really want to learn to use the Gimp efficiently... :( Open Source rocks.

Question for Gimp users: Is there some sort of "Layer effects" like in Photoshop? So you can add for example shadow/outline/glow/whatever to a specific layer? - Mar 29 2006
Very good work,
but it can be improved (just a little bit) in 2 areas:

1. better quality photo, even the new updated version isn't stunning, the quality just lacks, but that could be your camera's fault, i don't know

2. you should use programs like the Gimp to give it some 'finishing touches', change the color a bit, add a duplicate layer with some effect to it... try some stuff out ;)
Plus, the Gimp could help to make the 'bad quality' look better.

I do like the concept! And when I view it as a smaller picture, it looks very nice! - Mar 26 2006
Horizontal Water

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Mar 31 2006
I like it very much!
Very special effect.
and so very beautiful.

How did you take that photo?

Do you have a source file or a version for widescreen? (1280x800) - Mar 29 2006
ride or die

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Mar 26 2006
Amazing Art you made there!
I'm going to try this one out now :)

On a side note: what program(s) did you use to create it? :) - Mar 26 2006
Twin buds

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by tichy
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Mar 26 2006
Nature's beautiful, isn't it? :) - Mar 26 2006
My Desktop

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Mar 26 2006
Looks good! :) - Mar 26 2006
ubuntu 64

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by akze
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Mar 23 2006
I agree - Mar 24 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba 11 comments

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Mar 11 2006
much HD space :D - Mar 11 2006
kde ;-)

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by axio
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Mar 11 2006
Looks somewhat like my KDE 3.5 :D

(green KDE button background, same background) - Mar 11 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

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Feb 26 2006
Yea, I like them too - Mar 06 2006
Kde and Songbird

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Mar 05 2006
I like it ! :)

I see you are a fan of some of Disney's soundtracks ? (incl. Elton John and Phil Collins)
I like some of their soundtracks too
(Especially OST of TLK)
I'm a big fan of drawn 2D Animation :D

Anyway, nice desktop.
Songbird is coming along well too :)
Though I will stick with amaroK myself ;) - Mar 06 2006
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

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by jbus
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Jan 30 2006
I just wanted to say that if you apt-get dist-upgrade, atleast with Kubuntu 6.04, you'll get this Splash automatically :) - Mar 01 2006