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Graham Cox Melbourne, Australia

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Jul 09 2011
Thanks for that. I saw the link just after my last post and immediately upgraded from 0.5 to 0.7.6 in my Kubuntu installation. The fault does not occur, so it's something specific to the Arch build. It would be helpful if any other Arch users can post feedback. - Jul 10 2011
I just upgraded to 0.7.6 on my other computer (the previous test was on my laptop), and the fault has disappeared. However, the issue was occurring on both machines with 0.7.3. Strange that I'm now running 0.7.6 on both machines and only one is demonstrating it. I guess I'll do some more tests to see if I can work out what the cause is. It sounds like it might be specific to Arch.

Can I ask where I could obtain 0.7 DEBs for Kubuntu and 0.7 RPMs for Fedora, as I have these distros on my machines also. Thanks. - Jul 10 2011
Koverartist 0.5 has been one of my favourite applications in Fedora and Kubuntu for years. Arch recently became my distro of choice and it was nice to discover that 0.7 was available.

I just edited the Arch PKBUILD file to point to 0.7.6 and it installed fine. However, when I click on the Options tab and select a jpg for Back Picture, none is displayed. Selecting a jpg for the Front Picture results in it being displayed immediately. I tried 0.7.3 previously in Arch, and no pictures at all were displayed. So we're half-way there.

Anyone else having this issue, perhaps in a different distro? Thanks. - Jul 10 2011