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Alvaro Garcia Jujuy, Argentina
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Feb 26 2007
Hi to all!!
Well Zeeuw Ill add more video formats, only tell me what do you need.
Mmm, I tried a lot of apps to convert video and audio, but I had a reason to begin with this app: I have an mp4 player (birthday) and I couldn't convert video with any app, because of the options (I needed options like quant type).
Well, Ill add a lot of things in 0.02, but I need to know what do you need/want.
Thanks to all, bye...

P/D: Where are you from Zeeuw? Im from Argentina (thats why my english isnt good, here we speak spanish). Oks, bye - Feb 28 2007
Hi to all!
1st I will answer to abdelrahman:
well with that app you can only convert, not change resolution, not bitrate, not frame rate, and the other options.

now to yoho:
mmm, yes is Lindsay Lohan (one of my favourites singers), i found the wallpaper with google, i dont remember exactly the web, and i renamed the image.

Well, thanks for your opinion

See you later. Bye!! - Feb 27 2007