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Raul Suarez

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Jan 13 2006
What language is the doggy barking on? - Jan 13 2006
The Linux Registry Editor

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Aug 13 2004
I am not sure that the best way to go forward is going backwards.

A single format, long overdue.
A standard location, Great if you can define standard locations for universe, system, user and application configurations

A name value par registry, what?? flat structures are so outdated because of their limited expressiveness.

My comments:
The registry in 'those' other operating systems is such a headache even the 'other' vendor is replacing it with config files in their .NET platform. Now you can do xcopy deployment without writing a formal 'install' while at the same time you have access to machine.config.

All this not to praise the 'other' vendor OS. This is simply to try to learn from other's mistakes. Unless of course we want linux to become as unreliable as the 'other' operating system.

- May 13 2005