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GTK3 Themes 364 comments

Score 76.5%
Sep 13 2017
nice theme, but still having small trouble with tab in nautilus.
it's look bad. can you fix it?

and one more small trouble when i let panel to the left, hover on applet , icon on panel, the background is not good. - Jun 18 2011
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

Score 74.0%
Jan 03 2009
how i can decrease the arrow size in gnome menu ?

the aurora arrow too big for me:

how can decrease like this:

thx. - Oct 02 2009
i have same problem, how to do this? - Oct 02 2009
DockbarX Experimental Windows 7 style

DockbarX Themes 11 comments

Score 50.0%
May 11 2009
i redesign + modife dockbarx with this layout.

that's screenshot of my desktop :) - Jun 07 2009
i'm using Elementary icon theme - Jun 07 2009
you can download the original version from here

i'm completing some behaviour design. - May 12 2009

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
Score 84.0%
Jun 24 2014
Here's my modification :D - May 11 2009
[img][/img] - May 10 2009
Here's my complete wish list:

- Disable saturation icon (greyed out icon) with minimize windows.

- you should put every launcher with none round_box at default, and only launched icon has this box (reverse the current version)

- change window list popup design
- May 10 2009
i think you should keep the icon size on two state: launcher and actived like windows 7 - May 10 2009
i just quote this line

icon_transp.saturate_and_pixelate(icon_transp, 0.14, False)

to disable greyed out. and it's great. - May 10 2009
onmouseover effect is cool.

i think you should redesign the popup menu, with docky popup style (without tail).

and can you add the greyed out effect (with minimize windows) can be the option?

it'll be perfect.

many thanks - May 10 2009
i dont like docky.

i think dockbarx is really good for the panel (replace bad windows list applet)

you should complete it more, begin with the design.

everyone here can help you. - May 08 2009
more tip:

i think you should redesign the popup layout.

add curve border or background for each window list on the popup - May 07 2009
thanks for your support.

i think if you add onclick and onmouseover effect option, it'll look better.

and shouldn't greyed out icon (minimize)

windows 7 has border on every icon (window icon list) and more interactive effect with it.

hope you'll complete it.

many thanks - May 07 2009
it's seems some problem with design.

- no hover effect
- no onclick effect

it doesn't look nice like windows 7. - May 06 2009
Aurora Leopard BSM

GTK2 Themes 44 comments

Score 45.6%
Feb 27 2009
why you don't make the selection box / checkbox / and more UI Control like MacOS ?

i only see the scrollbar. :| - May 10 2009
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes 58 comments

Score 75.5%
Nov 07 2010
tab and the panel is too bad.
the padding-left and right with popup menu is too large.

- May 10 2009
Windows 7 clone

Gnome Screenshots 14 comments

Score 50.0%
May 08 2009
oh, amazing panel.
i really like your panel (transparent + blur with reflection effect)
how can i do it too? - May 08 2009
Murrina Dreamy

GTK2 Themes 57 comments

by uel
Score 50.0%
Oct 27 2007
oh, that's i dont want to use this Emerald Border Style.
I want ├║se it with "Windows Border" style - Sep 25 2007
i got it, but it's beryl theme. i don't like beryl, any solution? - Sep 25 2007
amazing!!!. How can i get "Windows Border" Style same this screen shot? and wallpaper?
- Sep 25 2007