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Exaile 0.3 moodbar plugin

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Apr 15 2010
the download still points to 0.5... - Aug 25 2009
The prefs dialog in 0.5 is really messy, to the extent that I won't include it in Exaile's tree. You need to clean it up. Some things in particular:

- the name of the pane should be "Moodbar", not "moodbar", to match the style of other prefs panes
- the use of frames is depreciated in the gnome HIG, please do not use them. See
- The labels on the options are not very informative or even terribly grammatically correct. They should be updated to be more user-friendly, something like the following, perhaps:

- Don't use cursor
-- (the option about darkness, i have no idea what it does, so it needs a better label)
- Use waveform style
-- Show only waveform, not mood
- Use color theme
-- (the Q option, but with a better name/description)
-- (the I option, but with a better name/description)

Feel free to ping me in #exaile on freenode if you have any further questions. Note that we plan to ship 0.3.0 final on Monday so if you want version 0.5 included you should hurry to make these changes. :) - Aug 20 2009