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Maciej Mrozowski Wrocław, Poland

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Jan 24 2013
There's a bug in chess engine (when using two-seat game) - it wrongly detects checkmate in some occasions.

Consider this scenario (beginning of Scholar's mate):
1. e4 e5
2. Qh5 g6
3. Qxe5 (incorrectly marked as check-mate)

Keep it up :) - Mar 27 2010
KDE Partition Manager

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Sep 01 2010
Unfortunately LVM2 doesn't provide sufficient API yet (fortunately it's WIP), and parsing output of commands line tools doesn't sound like fun I suppose.
I think it's better to wait a bit for liblvm to gain more features before any LVM2 support is considered.
LVM2 support would be nice indeed - for now there are only two reasonable LVM2 frontends:
- system-config-lvm - "official" GUI from LVM2 developer (RedHat/Fedora) - but quite abysmal in features
- EVMS (sic!) - the best known LVM2 frontend - unfortunately only Gtk1 and ncurses - Dec 05 2009
Subtitle Composer

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May 25 2009
Great app!

Where to submit buildsystem patches?
Since 0.5.2 src/main/CMakeLists.txt lacks ${KDE4_PHONON_LIBS} in target_link_libraries and since 0.5.3 it lacks ${KDE4_KROSSCORE_LIBS} as well.

You could update URL to Gentoo ebuilds to;a=tree;f=media-video/subtitlecomposer
They are being developed there.

Consider moving to KDE playground/extragear, you'll get bugzilla, cookies, women etc - Jun 03 2009

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Oct 27 2009

It's my everyday use plasma applet - first of all - thanks you - great job :)

I have some suggestions
- use better (compliant with ksysguard) color scheme - or just use those defined in ksysguard if there'e possibility - I've set up my version this way - I guess it's a bit more readable:
- add option for setting update interval (currently it's hardcoded to 0.5s or sth like this)
- well - maybe extend and add network traffic meter as well (the other plasma network monitor is really bad - it should be done the same way as your cpuload monitor) - Oct 21 2008
Umbrello UML Modeller

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Jan 12 2008
StarUML is modeled after Rational Rose Suite so for whose who were using that tool StarUML is just incredibly simpler free version :) - Dec 21 2007

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by rncbc
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Dec 28 2019
oh come on - it's not the right place to post bug reports here - Apr 16 2007
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by TOD

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9   Aug 12 2011

KDM4 Themes
by padde

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9   Aug 12 2011

KDM4 Themes
by marcosjeje

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9   Aug 12 2011
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9   Aug 12 2011