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Julian Javier Manila, Philippines

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

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Mar 03 2012
i followed the link for the icon set you suggested but when i installed it i didn't get any blue icon set. did i do something wrong? or did you change the icon color manually? - Mar 11 2012
Polar Icons - Beta 1

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Oct 08 2008
one more thing please make an icon for google chrome. =) sorry for making a lot of requests hehehe - Feb 24 2012
PS the firefox icon ROCKS! \m/ - Feb 24 2012
First of all I love this icon set! thanks for making this. it would be much appreciated to add more custom icons. again thank you!

Please add Polar icons for the following:

*MKV Files Creator (mkvtoolnix-gui)
*SoundConverter 1.4.4
*Ubuntu Software Center
*Disk Utility
*NVIDIA X Server Settings
*Startup Disk Creator
*Weather Indicator 11.05.31 'Cloudy 8' (scalable and for tray)
*CPUFreq Scaling Monitor (tray)

and also i think it would be nice if this had a matching minimalist like theme that gives a polar feel to the system.

- Feb 24 2012

GTK3 Themes 23 comments

by pch76
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Mar 05 2012
wow thanks for responding dude! now, when i select the theme it is looking for 'leoicons' and it says it will not display normally because of that. any suggestions? - Feb 24 2012
nevermind my previous question. i can confirm that this works in mint 12.
what i'm trying to do now is have this on a 10.04 or 10.10 machine. what do i have to do? when i try it, it cannot find the gtk+ theme osx. the window border works but not the controls. any suggestions? - Feb 23 2012
does this work in Mint12 using Gnome3.2 - Feb 22 2012