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Rick  Updegrove
Gnome Menu Extended (Debian package)

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Mar 22 2010
I used to really dislike Gnome (1998-1999) and KDE was just so bloated I just switched to OpenBSD then FreeBSD with blackbox then fluxbox, and created my own menus.

In 2008 I installed Ubuntu after I saw install CDs in a major search engine's "lab" and heard yet to be unsubstantiated rumors they may be "testing" it as a replacement for RHEL. I was really very impressed with how far Gnome has come and I have to say I really love Ubuntu.

This little bit of information you shared is really useful!

Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. I actually joined this site just so I could thank you.


Rick Updegrove - Jun 20 2009