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Rinse Rinse
Win7-bright (KDE 4.4)

Aurorae Themes 12 comments

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Jan 19 2010
very nice theme!

can't wait for kde sc 4.4 to try it out! - Jan 19 2010

Network 804 comments

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Aug 20 2015
You ken use knemo3 under kde4.
install kdebase3 and knemo, open kcontrol from the commandline and configure knemo as discribed in the manual of knemo.
Then create a script containing the following commmand:

dcop kded kded loadModule knemod

and ensure that the script starts with kde4.

- Feb 10 2009
If you use KDE, just put the window in the right position, right click on the window caption, en select [advanced->save window settings)
kwin wil remember the position of the window and place it there in the future. - Aug 13 2004

Utilities 20 comments

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Aug 21 2008
>>Why would one want to use this script with Fedora in the first place?

Why deny people the choise to do whatever they want to do with their pc? - Aug 21 2008
KDE_Time Theme

KDE 3.5 Themes 8 comments

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Jan 20 2008
Thanks for the quick reply.

This downloadsite works like a breeze :) - Dec 24 2007
The theme looks nice, too bad it is located at a bad downloadlocation.
First one needs to wait 1 minute before downloading (or pay $ 4.50 to get the download instantly), and when the download is finally available, i end up with a corrupted tar.gz file of 11.7 kilobytes... - Dec 23 2007
Gnome Multimedia Keys

Amarok 1.x Scripts 42 comments

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Apr 25 2009
This script is for amarok, which is a kde-application.

Who cares if it is meant for the gnome environment, windows environment or even macos.

kde-software can run on all kinds of platforms and desktops, so you can expect to find kde software meant for a specific situation. - Nov 29 2007
Hollow Kicker pack

Kicker Panel 5 comments

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Aug 25 2007
Nice!! - Aug 25 2007
PANDO for Linux

Network 4 comments

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Mar 10 2007
it's not a kde application?

Then it should move to i guess.. - Mar 10 2007

Individual Icons/-sets 3 comments

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Feb 21 2007
They all look great!!
As soon as i find my laptop, i will try them out :)

One question: in the readme you suggest to replace the original icons with yours.
But isn't it possible to put the files in the lokal kde directory relative to the system directory?

~/.kde/share/apps/kicker/pics/kmenu_flipped.mng - Feb 19 2007
Calc - Futurosoft Linux

System Software 2 comments

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Dec 05 2006
Nice little calculator!!

But in what language is it?
Is it possible to make it translatable? - Dec 05 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Oct 30 2006
Ok, just like the file::open dialog i mentioned.

Thanks for the tip!

Rinse - Nov 05 2006
Ah OK, i thought you meant that you can upload a file without saving it to a local file :)

I think this kio slave has a lot of potential, for example you can open images from the clipboard in an image viewer/editor, using the file::open dialog (e.g. typing clipboard:/ in the location field or placing it in a side bar icon).

I think a nice extension of the kioslave would be an integration of the clipboard history, so you can browse through more clipboard items then the current one.

This is already possible using klipper to browse through the history (kio_clipboard) updates its contents nicelly :)

Regards, Rinse - Nov 02 2006
>> You can use it to upload a screenshot with Konqueror without saving it to a file.

This is already possible with konqueror, just copy a image (or press alt-printscreen to create a screenshot), open konqueror at the desired location (local, webdav, ftp, whatever) right click with your mouse and choose [copy clipboard contents].
konqueror asks for the file format you want to use and saves the image on the location you chose - Nov 01 2006

Groupware 93 comments

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Jun 25 2011
I guess, it's because your phone is not supported :o) - Aug 22 2006
Systemtray icon for konqueror?

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

by MMax
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May 08 2006
you can put any application you want in systray, just edit the menu entry with kmenuedit and mark the checkbox for systemtray

then link the .desktop file of the menu entry to ~/.kde/Autostart and konqueror will start with kde and place itself into you systray.

An easier idea is to place an icon on kicker with this command:

kfmclient openProfile filemanagement

then go to kcontrol and tell kde to start konqueror with kde and let at least 1 konqueror process running.

This will give you the result you want, and keeps your systray clean... - May 08 2006
I Hear U

Telephony 58 comments

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Jan 30 2008
Cool!! - Oct 26 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 40 comments

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Dec 19 2006
Hmm, that sounds far more complicated

And besides that, with "Emerge" you are actually installing yakuake, while with "Klik" that is not the case at all ;)

Rinse - Oct 11 2005
Klik is simply great!!
It is so easy!!
Like today, on irc rikva told me about yakuake, which he installed on ubuntu using klik://yakuake.

I asked him to mail the .cmg image to me, and seconds later I ran yakuake on my desktop without any hassle.

Also the difference between distributions (i run suse, he runs ubuntu) was no issue for the cmg-file :) - Oct 02 2005
Program Control Center (KDE)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 60 comments

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Jun 02 2005
Looks like a job that is impossible to perform.
kpackage already combines portage, rpm, deb and all others in one GUI.
It even works as a frontend for gentoo's emerge, or debian's APT :)

But a lot of packages will always be visible, unless you setup a completely new package system.

For instance, how would the package system know what an application is and what a set of libraries if the packager did not include somekind of information that informs about this difference? - Jun 29 2005
Actually, it does that already (with gentoo packages :)
But automatich downloading of source files and compiling them only works with a source framework like gentoo's, so you need more then just an kde-application with information about your installation
I'd say, if you like sources, go with gentoo :) - Jun 05 2005

Your mockup looks nice, but KDE already has an aplication that can show wich packages you have installed, and which packages are available: kpackage.

Rinse - Jun 04 2005

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
It looks too much like the logo of some company... - Feb 28 2005
Hide specific files in Konqueror

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Feb 15 2005
Create mime types for .db and .ini in kcontrol and tell Konqueror not to show these filetypes. - Feb 15 2005
Send through Bluetooth

Dolphin Service Menus 9 comments

by dmnet
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Jul 05 2004
in modern distro's, kdebluetooth works fine, even better than Gnome's version.

For suse 9.1, use the rpm from , SuSE 9.2 comes with a up to date version.

Same goes for mandrake.

Rinse - Dec 11 2004

System Software 21 comments

by zogje
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Sep 12 2004
I was wondering: kiosktool has the ability to make the shell inaccesible for users.
Does that also apply to applications that offer an internal shell, like konqueor, kate and kile? - Sep 06 2004