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Christophe Perez Geneva, Switzerland

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Sep 05 2017
Ya, there is an alien arena icon available on this page:

Regards, - Mar 20 2011
OpenOffice splash

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Mar 23 2010
Thanks to you! - Mar 24 2010
Looks great yet I think there is a typo. Spreadsheet extension is ods, not odc. - Mar 22 2010

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Mar 27 2010
Thanks to you! - Feb 21 2010
ok I've found out by myself that it works only with a picture located in the same folder and not with embedded album art. A shame... - Feb 20 2010
Looks neat though my question isn't related to your theme. How did you do to get the cover desktop plugin working? Are you using rhythmbox 0.12.6? - Feb 20 2010
Tango Generator 3

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Feb 15 2008
Would it be possible to share the amazing artwork you made? I have in mind some nice tango icons like pyrenamer and gnome-video-arcade but couldn't find them anywhere. Thank you for tango-generator3, it was really handy for building iconsets (probably still is but I'm too lazy to compile it) - Jan 24 2010
thanks! - Mar 03 2008
Actually, the desktop file links to an icon called gnome-video-arcade so it won't show your icon (I guess it's yours) because it's named gnome-arcade.

Could you fix that?

Thanks for this new version of Tango Generator and the gutsy packages. - Mar 02 2008
I'm late, sorry and happy new year, but I talked with him via email. Try to contact him directly and suggest your artwork...

regards, - Jan 03 2008
Did you create the pyrenamer and deluge icons? They're excellent. You should submit them to be included as defaults. Furthermore pyrenamer author was looking for artwork...

Thanks for the generator.
- Dec 26 2007
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Nov 18 2009
... for your lovely post on your website. It is a little rude and ungrateful though. This may not be an answer for the bad voting but I want to clarify my point of view. I haven't voted yet I think your submission is out of place. However that would be handy to have a webpage which lists external links where to download packages. A lot of submissions here are about deb or rpm packages whereas there are official ones which include sources and sometimes packages. Same applies to artwork with various wallpaper sizes (scarcely though). Therefore gets a messy and unusable. Nobody wants that, do you? - Nov 19 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 26 comments

by Vytax
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Nov 04 2009
That would be great if we could differentiate music from pictures (except the shade around). Adding a cdbox a la avatar-factory e.g.
That wouldn't be the best idea though.

Thanks anyway! - Nov 05 2009

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Jan 18 2009
I would recommend you ask on the kbluetooth page as kdebluetooth4 has been taken over. You may take a look here as well: - Nov 03 2009
rekonq Web Browser

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by adjam
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Jan 12 2014
Thank you for your answer. Looking forward to 0.4.0! - Oct 28 2009
Waw! rekonq looks better and better!! I have an idea that nobody until now has ever thought about! What about renaming it into Konqueror and replacing it as the default web browser? No seriously, Konqueror's devs have theirs reasons but khtml doesn't work nicely with delicious or gmail e.g. Bookmarklets are unusable and session saving instable. And I'm pretty sure, there are plenty more. From my point of view, rekonq is the perfect way to go, it uses really strong technologies as webkit (should be spreaded into the entire KDE) and qt. Furthermore it has been written from scratch making it a light (like dolphin) standalone web browser and not a bad swiss army knife (the one with the usb key and laser).

Anyway, thank you for rekonq. Do you have a roadmap or a release plan? Would be nice to see what's coming! - Oct 28 2009

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Sep 27 2009
Wouldn't be possible to get tags from nepomuk/strigi/soprano? Or what about mediainfo?
A servicemenu is already available for the latter but it would be perfect if it was integrated on a properties tab. Furthermore, mediainfo looks more capable than taglib. Thank you anyway!

- Sep 19 2009

Various Games 53 comments

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Jun 12 2009
Hi, Mame Executor looks great yet I couldn't try it out because of a sdlmame dependency to gconf. Can I use Mame Executor with xmame-sdl?

Regards, - Jul 31 2009

Dolphin Service Menus 65 comments

by timb
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Feb 16 2009
A shame that you gave up on working on konqilicious. Any plans about kde4?

Regards, - Jul 26 2009
Dance of the Spirits

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Jul 11 2009
I love it, I'll use it! Thank you for sharing! - Jul 11 2009

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Nov 16 2014
Do you plan to add cuesheet support? There is a really good app on osx called xld:

Though I haven't found any good gui on linux for extracting audiocd into cue files, your app looks like it is going that way... it may be the last step before perfection! ^^ - Jun 26 2009
QLandkarte GT

Science 19 comments

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Jul 11 2011
Sorry for the noob question, it is the request #93. I will try it as soon as I get a new linux box!

Thanks - Jun 24 2009
Hi, looks like a nice app yet i currently cannot use it. Does it support csv et kml files? Cycling websites I usually refer to use those formats.

Regards, - Jun 24 2009

Dolphin Service Menus 10 comments

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Jun 23 2009
That was a tactless answer! If you want to improve your app (if not so, what's the point of uploading it except sharing), you may consider accepting feedback as suggestions or critics.

My 2 cents. - Jun 24 2009

Audio Apps 10 comments

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May 17 2012
... and much better than soundconverter.

Easy to use and efficient.
The only thing I will complain is the profile editor but it's not a gnac issue.

Keep up the good work! - Sep 16 2008
Ubuntu Glossy GDM Theme

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Mar 03 2008
nothing changed for me... - Mar 05 2008
Same here, I tried to change some values in the xml file but sucessless... - Mar 01 2008
TodayCalendar Screenlet iCal

Conky 13 comments

by Whise
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Jan 26 2008


kinda useless.... I know.... - Sep 06 2007
Very nice, I'm using it!

I hope that somebody does a nacho libre screenlet!

You can also install it in your home ~/.screenlets or with the application itself. - Sep 06 2007

Cursors 307 comments

by jlue
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Aug 02 2017
mhhh I have libsexy 0.1.11 and evolution was showing the default cursor theme.... maybe evolution doesn't use libsexy at all...

sorry for that fake bug :) - May 09 2007
Hi, I compared with the human theme, and files like hand and hand1 are missing. I linked them at hand2.

hand1 is used by the search boxes with libsexy and probably by something else. - May 08 2007
Ubuntu Pixgirl Variation

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Apr 22 2007
I'm sick of distro specific artwork. Especially when people just put distro logo on somebody else' great body. - Apr 23 2007

GDM Themes 5 comments

by Nim
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Apr 21 2007
I like it, it's really different from the other stuff here. Hope you will make it (and maybe more, splash gtk-theme, windec, etc...) :D - Apr 19 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 16 comments

by livio
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Jul 17 2007's just foxtrot + tango... - Apr 01 2007
Tango-Generator 2

Icon Sub-Sets 219 comments

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Dec 15 2007
ok thanks ^^ - Mar 27 2007
version 0.5:

icons that are located in the systray (img folder):


The first is ok, the second needs to be adapted and the last ones are missing.

Basically it's the main 24 pixels icon with the status at the bottom-right (play, pause and save)

I did them for myself but they are quite ugly:

- Mar 27 2007
... seem to work and gimp too. I tested the foxtrot theme, which is my favorite, but some 16x16 icons are missing (I found only list-add and list-remove). Nothing really important.

I installed synaptic stuff manually, it wasn't so hard. I'm using edgy, and the pixmaps are located in /usr/share/synaptic.

I have a little question. Is there a tango spinner? Because I saw one once but I don't remember where.

And I can't see a brasero icon, is there one avalaible?

For Listen, are you using this theme?

Because it is not up to date.

Thanks for the fixes.
- Mar 26 2007
thanks to you for this awesome app, your patience and your quick answers. - Mar 24 2007
Well maybe I'm wrong, :) but I can't install the green or foxtrot folders even with them in the highest position (so highest priority, if I'm correct)

I tried with many configurations, withtout success...

It's hard to create the perfect set :P - Mar 24 2007
my fault, I've compiled a recent version 1.2.0 (not so recent) without uninstalling the previous with synaptic, so your app installs in the old folder....

sorry for wasting your time with that and thank you for your help. - Mar 24 2007
and this:

Predicted Copy: 17 Actual Copy: 17
Predicted Move: 13 Actual Move: 12
Predicted Delete: 402 Actual Delete: 403
Predicted Link: 159 Actual Link: 159
Predicted Organise: 512 Actual Organise: 512
Total to be downloaded: 0
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 442, in __bootstrap
File "", line 276, in run
File "", line 318, in install_others
File "/home/rodgersan/Temporaire/Tango-Generator-2/", line 319, in uninstall
OSError: [Errno 21] est un répertoire: '/home/rodgersan/.gimp-2.2/themes/Tango'
- Mar 24 2007
for gimp, I got this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 442, in __bootstrap
File "", line 276, in run
File "", line 315, in install_others
installation.install(name,self.gui.wTree.get_widget("entry_name").get_text().lower().replace(" ", "-"))
File "/home/rodgersan/Temporaire/Tango-Generator-2/", line 250, in install
shutil.copytree(os.path.expanduser("~/.tango-generator/bash_tmp/gimp/FTango"), os.path.expanduser("~/.gimp-2.2/themes/Tango"))
File "", line 110, in copytree
names = os.listdir(src)
OSError: [Errno 2] Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type: '/home/rodgersan/.tango-generator/bash_tmp/gimp/FTango'
- Mar 24 2007

I linked it, but it doesn't work. Do I need to do something else?

rodgersan@LINUX:~$ locate liferea/pixmaps/liferea.png | grep -v /home/

I restarted and everyting goes fine... - Mar 24 2007
ok thanks, there is a robots.png in the custom-app-icons and it's the good one... seems really odd... - Mar 24 2007
the liferea theme isn't complete, so a lot of icons are missing.

Is there a way to theme file-roller?

And I saw a system-upgrade.png, I would like to use it with synaptic, but I don't know how. Do you plan to add synaptic support? (I think it's the only one that needs to be themed) - Mar 24 2007
robots and solitaire share the same icon (cards)

Is there an icon for the planner app?

great generator! - Mar 24 2007
Downloader 4 X (D4X) - Tango Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 11 comments

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Dec 10 2007
I've already downloaded it, and it's really better that the original one.

thank you - Mar 24 2007
I see in your app menu a tangoish deluge icon, where did you grab it?

Your desktop looks really great!
- Mar 15 2007

Metacity Themes 18 comments

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Apr 15 2007
thanks!!! - Mar 09 2007
I second that, and I have a little question: How can I remove the margin in the menubar?
As shown in this screenshot:

It happens only with the murrine engine and with some metacity theme. So I presume I need to change the values in the xml file.

Any suggestions? - Mar 05 2007

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

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9   Apr 15 2011