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José Romildo Malaquias Ouro Preto, Brazil
Ultimate-Plata-Dark Complete Desktop

GTK3 Themes 58 comments

by rtl88
Score 85.0%
Aug 11 2019
It seems that the link to the git repository is wrong. It is for the Solarized-Project. - Jul 09 2019

GTK3 Themes 47 comments

Score 85.5%
Aug 09 2019
Can this theme (and its variants) be released in github? I would like to package them (as well as some other themes by the same author) for NixOS. - May 22 2019
Ultimate Dark

GTK3 Themes 100 comments

Score 87.7%
Jun 22 2019
I would like to package ultimate dark and ultimate maia themes, and ultimate maia icons for NixOS, and that would be easier if the themes are regularly released at github. Can that happen, please? - Feb 28 2019
Ultimate Maia

GTK3 Themes 131 comments

Score 88.1%
Jun 27 2019
It would be nice if this theme had releases in its github repository. It would encourage packaging it in Linux distributions. - Feb 02 2019
Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes 371 comments

Score 83.7%
1 hour ago
It would be nice if the releases in github would be more frequent. It would help updating the package in NixOS. - Jan 03 2019

GTK3 Themes 291 comments

Score 89.4%
Aug 10 2019
Thank you. It has been packaged for NixOS. Please keep releasing this theme on github, so that the NixOS package can be kept up to date. - Jan 03 2019
Please, release on github too. - Jan 02 2019
McHigh Sierra

GTK3 Themes 309 comments

Score 85.5%
Aug 08 2019
Hello vinceliuice. Is there any difference between the files you make available here, and those built from the github repository ( with the Install script that is provided there?

The versioning seems to be different. Here the current version is 3.4 and in the github repository it is 2018-04-08.

I want to package the theme for my linux distribution (NixOS) and I want to know what is the most up to date source.

Thanks! - Apr 21 2018

GTK3 Themes 115 comments

by jpsb
Score 79.0%
Jul 08 2018
I am having difficulty in packaging this theme for NixOS. It seems that the url for downloading the theme keeps changing. It would be very helpful if there were other means for getting it, like github. Do you think it is possible to make the theme available there? - Apr 17 2018