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Richard Ruhland , Germany
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Oct 28 2007
Home Icon was high-loaded to you and the Sladf icon themen in addition. I hope it now am correct. If or it is not missing which, then please announces. Greeting Richard

(Translate with bable fish)

------Orginal German verion------

Home Icon wurde zu dir hochgeladen und das Sladf icon Themen dazu. Ich hoffe es ist jetzt in ordnung. Falls nicht oder es fehlt was, dann bitte melden.

Gruss Richard - Oct 26 2006
Now I understand! I think it give 2 versions of Slafd icons. Difference in the Home_Home.png. Version 1 ((I have) from 24 August) version 2 of 2 Septembers (you have) I send you the Home icon. Also sladf icon the version which I down-loaded at that time. Ok one Greeting Richard

translate german to English with babelfish

---Orginal German text----

Jetzt verstehe ich! ich denke es gibt 2 versionen von Slafd icons. Unterschied im Home_Home.png.

Version 1 ((habe ich) vom 24. August)
Version 2 vom 2 September (hast du)

ich sende dir das Home icon zu. Auch die sladf icon version die ich damals runtergeladen habe. Ok

Gruss Richard
- Oct 26 2006
No problem *fg*

you found home icon under:

[icon theme folder]/Sladf/scalable/places/folder_home.png


cu Richard

- Oct 23 2006
This Icon Theme found in Sladf Theme Pack: This is a complett packet

Download and extract icon.tar,gz in your icon Folder.

Nice work from "siliconjoec"

cu Richard
- Oct 22 2006

i found this Wallpaper on:

nice.... :-)

cu Richard - Oct 22 2006
Nuvola, because with personally in former times the olive fell version and I wanted times yellow as Theme color. I make still another a Murrina, a Clearlooks or Ubuntulooks Theme clear, but my time became unfortunately very limited. If I begin it again wiede walked for walked provide to I this modern technically understood.

(Translate with babelfish, sorry)

Lg Richard

---Orginal german Version----

Nuvola deshalb, weil mir persönlich früher die Olive version gefallen hat und ich mal Gelb als Theme-Farbe wollte. Klar mache ich noch eine Murrina, Clearlooks oder Ubuntulooks Theme, aber meine zeit ist leider sehr knapp geworden. Wenn ich neu Anfange wird es wieder ein schritt für schritt erstellen bis ich diese moderne technisch verstanden habe.. - Sep 06 2006
Vielen Dank für die Übersetzung,

die Erwähnung des Orginalautor dürfte kein Problem sein.

Gruss Richard


(David Vignoni (

add licentext und Naming of orginal
Nuvola Autor to source.

- Sep 06 2006

here orginal German Text from me.

"Leider ist mein English nicht so gut und habe es trotz
"babel-Fish" Translator nicht ganz verstanden was du
mir sagen wolltest.

Kann es sein das du meinst: ideen klau findest du nur gut, wenn der Orginalautor sein OK dazu gibt?

LG Richard" - Sep 05 2006
Unfortunately my English is so good and has it despite "babel Fish" translator
not completely understood which you me
to say wanted. It can be which you
means: ideas Rip find good you only if the Orginalautor its OK to gives in addition?

(Translat german to babel-fish) sorry

LG Richard - Sep 05 2006
Thank you! :) - Jun 15 2006
linux bliss

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Oct 30 2007
jeah, i love this Pictures.


cu Richard - Oct 15 2006
Don OS11 Shaguar

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Jul 21 2006
Nice Theme!!

cu Richard - Jul 23 2006

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May 30 2006

schön Fotographiert.... und angenehme Farben.

Gruss Richard - May 31 2006
Ubuntu dapper x86

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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May 27 2006
nice. Bw you have modify? and License?

cu - May 27 2006
Tux G2

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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May 27 2006
Nice Wallpaper! does it give also without tux picture?

cu Richard
(translate with Babelfish, sorry my English is no good) - May 27 2006

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May 13 2006
Nice Photo :) i love this!

cu Richard - May 13 2006
Winter tree

Nature 4 comments

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Sep 16 2006
thank you.

bw the orginal picture ist too big :(
i can not send to "" maximum is 750KB. This Picture ist 1,5 MB.
Alternate, It. can send for your Email-Adress. Please give me this.

Cu Richard
Ps: sorry my English ist no good. I speak german. - Feb 01 2006
Crystal Gold

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Sep 10 2006
Super, Nice Cursor! I Love this
cu Richard - May 24 2005
Oceanic Dark

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Dec 26 2011
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Dec 26 2009

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Sep 13 2009
Lucid Dream

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ich bin so cool

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by shantiq

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9   Jul 13 2011
From Above

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3   Feb 06 2011