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K Learning Aid

Education Mar 11 2007
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File Fitter

Utilities Aug 11 2004
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K Learning Aid

Education 16 comments

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Mar 11 2007

thanks for posting, I will have a look into this issue!

Rene - May 31 2005
Ah OK thanks Roberto, I will have a look into this issue! - Apr 21 2005
Hello Roberto,

as far as I know you're the only one, since session management has been integrated some time ago. :)

Please check for a file named ~/.kde/share/config/klaidrc

That's where session data is being saved. Check for file and dir permissions. I'm curious what the problem is... :) - Apr 21 2005
Hi there,

thanks for your response.

KLAid is a passive learning aid, so it would not make much sense to enhance popups with multiple choice options where users have to take action.

You are right, having a dedicated multiple choice program for KDE would be nice, I agree with that. I'll take your idea into consideration for one of my next projects. See you! :) - Apr 21 2005
Thank you for your suggestions, I will think about them.

But I would like to focus on some internal things first before implementing new features. KConfig is on my agenda, some Documentation and so on. - Dec 14 2004
Hi, thanks for your feedback. I could not reproduce this error but I have dumped all the yet unneeded stuff from main.cpp, please try the new version, thanks! - Dec 11 2004
DVD Rip-O-Matic

Video Apps 125 comments

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Oct 07 2006
RipOMatic spits out "Mplayer does not support Xvid" when there is no mencoder installed. This is kinda confusing... :)

Maybe you should check for mencoder prior to xvid support.

Nice app though :) - Mar 14 2005

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Aug 14 2004
Cool idea... Maybe I'll use it in my own little app... ;) - Aug 14 2004