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Hightech Conky theme

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by Met
Score 78.6%
Mar 05 2015
I fully customize all the modules for themselves. I have a resolution of 1280x800. I changed not only the size and location of the module on the desktop, but also their refresh rate. In short, fully podstvroil to fit your needs. Some parts have been removed from conky_start and more ... - Mar 08 2015
Here, each module is easily customized to fit the desired size. You can change the position and location by replacing the data in the rows:
minimum_size - Mar 08 2015
Excellent! Met thanks for your efforts, all works great. - Mar 08 2015
Thank you! I will watch for updates - Feb 20 2015
That's perfect! And how to make a module for DeaDBeeF instead Banshee? - Feb 20 2015
great job, thank you very much! - Feb 20 2015
Score 78.6%
Feb 20 2015
Oxygen Super Transparent

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by yazi78

Score 72.2%
9   Apr 05 2015
Score 78.6%
9   Feb 20 2015