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Tomasz Salacinski Tommy Warsaw, Poland
Wallpaper Other


Wallpaper Other Mar 03 2009
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Wallpaper Other Jul 23 2006
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Green Apples

Wallpaper Other Jul 23 2006
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GNOME Font Settings

Utilities Oct 19 2011
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Alarm Clock

Utilities May 13 2011
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System Software

kX Generator

System Software Jan 02 2007
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Text Editors
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Various Stuff
Alarm Clock

Utilities 12 comments

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May 13 2011
Right now there is such an option:) - Aug 06 2009
Hmm... it's true. I'll need to take a closer look on this. Thanks for noticing this. - Sep 14 2008
So Alarm Clock will be ringing as hell, too:) - Jun 21 2008

GTK2 Themes 102 comments

by metak
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Sep 08 2009

First of all - GREAT theme. But there's one small problem:

if the checkbox or radio button is selected, the text becomes dark, and on dark background it's almost unreadable. - May 26 2009

GDM Themes 21 comments

by oleq
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Oct 16 2008
Brilliant theme! Using it on few computers now:) - Oct 30 2008

Metacity Themes 32 comments

by Cuvou
Score 58%
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Sep 14 2007
No, I don't see the difference:) - Sep 27 2007
I've made a pixmap GTK theme based on XP widgets (for my brother), but I've lost it:( I think I'll make one:) - Jul 24 2007
Asturies. DSCN2682

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Jun 10 2007
GREAT, it fits my mood perfectly right now:) Great colors!! - Jun 10 2007
Iron Maiden

GDM Themes 3 comments

by 8426
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May 08 2007
UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 09 2007
Fusions and Fusions-Light

Metacity Themes 11 comments

Score 70%
30 Dislikes
May 06 2007
This is just great, my new default theme:) - May 05 2007
Midnite Theme

GTK2 Themes 22 comments

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May 08 2007
sorry, ff is for Firefox - Apr 24 2007
At the beginning I want to say - f** great!

GREAT idea with the highlits on the taskbar - soft and beautiful.

But honestly - I don't like colors of the menu bar, tabs etc. They just don't match this great theme.

Buttons are good, but they look different in nautilus and ff for example. The "path" buttons in nautilus are looking like the ones in ff, but when they are highlited they look like not highlited normal buttons in nautilus.

Also the scrollbars - please, change it to more soft color.

Sorry for such critisism, but for me this theme is great, and just wanted to tell you what should be changed to make this theme more beautiful.

PS. I know I wrote this before but the highlits on taskbar are looking damn good:) PLEASE, keep up good work!!! - Apr 24 2007
Murrina Luminance

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Apr 15 2007
I only use two themes for Murrine - AquaIsh and yours. Other themes don't look good to me:)

The buttons are very elegant, not too shiny and not too dull. Nice colors!

But can you do something with title bar - someone mentioned that with some themes it's hard to read.

I'm voting up:) Thanks! - Apr 13 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
Score 81%
19 Dislikes
Dec 13 2007
First of all, for me it's a great a K-Menu replacement - more usable than KBFX, which just looks good.

A few suggestions:

- Menu button on kicker should be themeable

- Whole menu should be themeable (you can use pixmaps on QT widgets)

- There should be something like default application for web browsing, e-mail, text processing etc. These icons should be placed separately and should not be editable (there's already a place in Control Center where you can edit default applications for email and web browsing)

- Maybe some kind of category view (don't know how to explain this, something like Connect to... and it will show a list of favourite sites and ftp servers, Browse Photos and it will run digiKam, Listen to music and it will run amaroK etc)

- User icon and name should be shown somewhere in the menu

Anyway, great applet:) Please, add .pot file to the project so non-english users can translate it to their native language. Thanks!

PS. Nice idea with favourites:) - Feb 21 2007
#include <qapplication.h>
of course:) - Jul 02 2006
I've added #include to tastylistview.cpp and it works, too. But sometimes it crashes kicker, have size problems (when first opened it's small) and don't show correctly on vertical kicker. But anyway, nice idea:) I really appreciate your work! Keep going! - Jul 02 2006
Emblems Hack

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

Score 77%
23 Dislikes
Jan 28 2007
I agree with that, KDE could use something like emblems. But a cool idea is to make some emblems visible only when user hovers mouse cursor over a particular icon. I would like to see something like that in KDE4:) - Jan 26 2007
kX Generator

System Software 79 comments

Score 82%
18 Dislikes
Jan 02 2007
Wait few days, this feature will be in 0.3.9 version (it's already implemented).

It should be implemented much earlier, but I was too lazy;) - Jan 17 2007
You need to save the configuration file as xorg.conf and put it in /etc/X11 directory. Remember to make a backup copy of original xorg.conf. - Jan 14 2007

Try to find synaptics_drv.o file on your hard drive, then run kxgenerator:

kxgenerator --input-path [path to that file]

if it won't find mouse driver, just put two empty files:


in some directory then run it with

kxgenerator --input-path [that directory]

You have your drivers in non-standard location, kxgenerator checks only for presence of these files, so it should be working now. - Jan 04 2007
Try it now.

About make... it's really weird:| Maybe try to run configure again and make clean - Jan 03 2007
kX Generator depends in 99% on KDE, so GNOME port (gX Generator?) needs to be rewritten from scratch. Maybe someday :) - Nov 30 2006
Got it, without keyboard section kxgenerator crashes. Try to put this:

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Keyboard"
Driver "kbd"

into your xorg.conf file. I'll try to fix it soon. - Nov 29 2006

Thanks for package and please e-mail me the backtrace. Try to manually edit your xorg.conf and put TWO InputDevice sections, one for keyboard and one for mouse. Send me your xorg.conf (before editing, the one that makes kX Generator crash) file too.

This would be really helpful:) - Nov 29 2006
whoops... updated - Oct 08 2006
Hey, thanks!

Sorry, you will have to wait for next version (I'll try to make support for everything connected to X). Now I've switched to Gentoo and I need to compile some more:( But, when I finish I'll be working on kX Generator.

PS. DarkLight Windeco is my favourite windeco:) I am using it all the time. Great work!! - Aug 15 2006
I forgot about BSD port. Lots of work... - Aug 07 2006
I am currently planning porting kX Generator to GTK (gX Generator?) - of course after KDE version is finished and stable. Then I am planning to make a musical software (I once wrote a class that could read GP4 files, now I need to rewrite it - some bugs). If someone wants to implement it as a control center module, feel free to mail me and I'll give you help about Xorg class that is used to read and modify X configuration file (now such reference isn't available, I'll write it for request). - Aug 07 2006
Thanks:) - Aug 05 2006
Yes, kX Generator edits existing files. kX Edit is a nice name, I'll change it in future releases:) - Aug 01 2006
I thoutht about it. First I wanted kX Generator to be a control center module, but I desided to the way I am going because:
- kX Generator is too big to fit into single control center module
- I can try to implement it to "Display properties", but such settings like modules of file paths doesn't fit into "Display"
- I can split kX Generator (display properties for display window, modules and other into KControl module) but as you mentioned, sysadmins would like to have an X configurator in one place.
If someone have any ideas about looks of kX Generator, please send me mail or post it on forum. Thanks! - Aug 01 2006
I thoutht about it. First I wanted kX Generator to be a control center module, but I desided to the way I am going because:
- kX Generator is too big to fit into single control center module
- I can try to implement it to "Display properties", but such settings like modules of file paths doesn't fit into "Display"
- I can split kX Generator (display properties for display window, modules and other into KControl module) but as you mentioned, sysadmins would like to have an X configurator in one place.
If someone have any ideas about looks of kX Generator, please send me mail or post it on forum. Thanks! - Aug 01 2006

This is a preview release, new version is COMPLETLE from scratch and doesn't contain even byte of code from previous versions. I will implement all options step-by-step. But what do you mean you can only modify keyboard options? - Jul 22 2006
(not only) Black Gentoo

Bootsplash Various 3 comments

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Jan 07 2007
Kororaa, Kororaa, Kororaa, gowno...


Gowno = shit

I wonder what OS lies behind gowno... - Dec 02 2006

Audio Apps 91 comments

by emw
Score 82%
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Sep 27 2014
kde-config --prefix
then copy the output (eg. /usr/kde/3.5/) and run
./configure --prefix=[your output]

This will work. Cheers - Sep 20 2006
I and my body

People 292 comments

Score 37%
63 Dislikes
Dec 27 2006
This girl's body is great, but I disagree with posting adult pictures on This site is for everyone, so kids might be watching it too.

Some guys misunderstood the meaning of freedom - your freedom to watch adult pics on KDE-Look can't affect other person's freedom, especially parents that allow kids to watch KDE-Look.

Adult entries should be removed, such wallpapers everybody can download from other sites.

PS. If you disagree with me - get a life, get a girlfriend. - Sep 04 2006
SofK colors

KDE 3 Color Schemes 5 comments

Score 46%
54 Dislikes
Sep 15 2006
Hey, watch your words. This guy is making a KDE theme and maybe some people will use it, so wait until his work is done and then post a comment. - Aug 27 2006
Tux n' Tosh Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

Score 70%
30 Dislikes
Mar 13 2008
My new splash screen now:) - Aug 07 2006
Ultimate Guitar

Amarok 1.x Scripts 8 comments

by j35u5
Score 50%
50 Dislikes
Aug 01 2006
It's a very nice script! I've translated it into polish and sent you translation via mail. Thanks! - Aug 01 2006

Icon Themes 68 comments

Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Jul 30 2006
The best way to kill communists is to laugh at them. This is just a icon set, nothing more, nothing less. There were computer games that user could play Soviets:) - Jul 31 2006
Adium Pushpin

Kopete Styles 22 comments

Score 76%
24 Dislikes
Jul 26 2006
VERY innovative style!! Great work! - Jul 30 2006
SIR - Simple Image Resizer

Graphic Apps 50 comments

Score 84%
16 Dislikes
Jun 23 2014
This is GREAT! I use it for converting photos from digital cam (JPEG'S 100% quality to 75% quality). Poor that it is QT-based (not KDE-based) but it is still GREAT program. Thanks! - Jul 28 2006

Cursors 7 comments

Score 61%
39 Dislikes
Jun 10 2006
I saw much of Russian artwork, and I must say 3/4 of it is just great. Keep up good work! Greets from Poland:) - Jul 12 2006
KPack (package installer)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Jul 10 2006

This is a bug, I wanted to use RPMLIB but due to compatibility with non-rpm systems I am using command-line version but I've forgot to remove those headers.
Download KPack 0.1.4-2 or remove

#include <rpm/rpmlib.h>
#include <rpm/header.h>

from src/kpackwizardclass.h and src/SingleRPMInstaller.cpp.

- Jul 11 2006
Try current version. - Jul 10 2006
There's no error handling in this version.

The command being run:
- mkdir /tmp/kpack-install
- cp [filename] /tmp/kpack-install
- tar -xfz OR -xfj [filename.tar.bz2/filename.tar.gz]
- cd [source directory]
- ./configure
- make -n [for progressbar]
- make
- kdesu --noignorebutton -d --caption Kpack -c "make install"

Without error handling, KPack cannot tell you you have no KDESU installed. I can implement my own dialog, but if I use KDESU KPack will look more integrated into KDE. I will fix it in future versions, and implement KDESU dialog AND KPack's own root dialog. - Jul 09 2006
Currently no - I need to know how to use it. - Jul 09 2006
Po ang trzeba tu pisać:( Jak na razie kodu jest mało i mogę wstawić wszystko - ale requesty pisz po angielsku:) - Jul 07 2006
I can implement everything - graphics, text or sound. Just need an idea. - Jul 07 2006
Damn, thanks! I didn't know download link was broken... KPack is flexible so I can implement any type of install. In next version automatic compiling (in future QMake projects too) will be supported with progressbar. - Jul 07 2006

GTK2 Themes

Score 74%
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Nov 10 2010