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Samuel Azcona
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Jul 08 2017
Hi first thanks for widget style.

Im triying to make this work under kaosx i build using:

make install

but not kvantum under the widget style selection, i try using dolphin -style kvantum
and dont work too, i see there is not a under qt5/plugins/style folder only in the qt/plugins/style folder so i try:

make install

but not work too, any ideas?

thanks - Oct 30 2015
is possible to add support for beshell menubar (xbar from bespin, qtcurve)

thanks! - Feb 05 2015
Application Name Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 44 comments

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Feb 15 2014
hi, thanks for your nice work, i have a request, you can add an option to disable the text effect please, and just have the text of the name of the application, and also a bug, if you select bold, restarting the change is not saved, and another bug, the text not well centered vertically, for example I'm using a 21px panel and the text of the name of the application is shown further down that the menubar or clock

thanks - Feb 12 2013