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Brendan Krotz
IMDB Information

VLC Extensions 3 comments

Score 46.0%
Apr 08 2011
i saved .lua and imported into extensions folder, which was recognised in the extensions page in vlc... but i dont see how this extension works... where is the imdb info displayed? pls help cause this would be rly handy - Jan 20 2013
VLT DeepDark

VLC Skins 22 comments

by Steva
Score 83.6%
Oct 25 2012
looks good and functions well thus far... will report back with feedback if i have trouble or suggestions if i dont like something... but for the moment it serves the purpose of a darker skin that's minimal & easy on the eye - Jan 20 2013
VLT DeepDark

VLC Skins
by Steva

Score 83.6%
9   Jan 20 2013