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Aleksandar Almaleh
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

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Aug 23 2017
Sorry for double posting, I had problems with the internet connection. - May 03 2009
When I moved the cursor above the start menu button, the text of the start button became white.

Look at the bottom-left corner of the screenshot to see what I mean.

This happened also when I moved the cursor above the window title on the taskbar, and also above some texts.

Is there any way to fix that? The theme is great, but these white texts make it nearly unusable.
- May 03 2009
When I move the cursor above the start button, its text becomes white.

I've uploaded a screenshot that illustrates the problem.

This happens also on any unfocused taskbar button, and on some texts.

I'm on Jaunty btw.

Any idea if it can be fixed? I'd really like to use this great theme, but those white text are a problem :(
- May 03 2009