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Satchit Bhogle

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Sep 05 2017
Great job. Faenza is by far the prettiest icon set on Ubuntu!
I'd just like to request icons for 0 A.D., DOSBox, gucview and, if possible, less generic looking icons for GIMP, Shotwell, Cheese and Startup Disc Creator. - Jun 26 2011
Language Flags for Faenza Dark Panel

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Oct 25 2010
Hey, that's great. Thanks a lot.
P.S. It's interesting that there's an in.svg in mono-light but not in mono-dark. - Dec 03 2010
I never had a ~/.icons/flags folder, so I went and made one myself. I then extracted the set to the folder. Now, the two folders within the flags folder are called ubuntu-mono-dark-flags and ubuntu-mono-flags-light. Are you saying I should consolidate them into one big flags folder? - Dec 03 2010
Nope. Just flat out doesn't work. When I log out and log back in, the icon is just replaced by a red error icon. - Dec 02 2010
Sticker Style Empathy Theme

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Feb 18 2010
Hey, now that Maverick is out, could this be updated? It looks really, really cool. - Oct 10 2010
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Dec 31 2010

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by tiheum

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